Balika Vadhu makes a 9 year jump

Shivangi Joshi, Samridh Bawa and Randeep Rai take the lead roles

Anandi’s trip has been adorable so far and only gets better if she educates herself and pursues her passion. The audience followed her every step of the way, watching her come to and fight for her rights while laughing, crying and empathizing with her as if she were one of them. Now it is time for you to prepare for the next stage in your life. COLORS ” Balika Vadhu ‘is ready for a leap in time with the main cast, who can now be seen as young adults. While the popular actor Shivangi Joshi plays the protagonist ‘Anandi’, Randeep Rai and Samridh Bawa will play the characters of Anand and Jigar respectively.

It is Anandi’s journey to break free from the bonds of child marriage and lead a happy life. In her search she would be supported by Anand, a man who believes in her and gives her wings to fly, while the man (Jigar) she is married to wants to cut off those very wings and keep her tied up.

Shivangi shares her thoughts on playing Anandi on screen: “Playing Anandi on screen will be one of the most celebrated characters I’ve played and I’m really looking forward to it. Her story portrays all women who have been oppressed by the patriarchy that prevails in our society and how she begins to rewrite her destiny by breaking stereotypes. I am very grateful to be a part of Balika Vadhu, a show known for its successful legacy that is transforming storytelling on Indian television. I can’t wait for the audience to be part of this new phase in Anandi’s life. “

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Randeep Rai opens up after following in Anand’s footsteps, saying, “Balika Vadhu is one of the most successful shows in television history and I’m glad I got the opportunity to play one of the main characters Anand on the show. Anand is extremely responsible and prone to walk the path of righteousness and is forever indebted to his family for adopting him. I am excited to play this role and hope the audience enjoys seeing me in this virtuous avatar. I am grateful to COLORS for trusting me to portray this character.

Aimed at portraying Jigar’s character, Samridh Bawa says, “Balika Vadhu is a successful household show and the audience has shown it a lot of love. I can’t express how happy I am to be able to play such an important character on the show. Portraying a complicated character like Jigar is a huge challenge and has many shades. I look forward to working with COLORS again and look forward to starting this new journey.

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