BBC is set to commission Jimmy Savile drama with Steve Coogan in the lead role

A TV drama by Jimmy Savile has outraged users on social media after a casting announcement starring Steve Coogan.

The BBC commissioned The Reckoning last October.

However, it has now been confirmed that Coogan, 55, will play the pedophile who died in 2011.

Hundreds of sexual abuse allegations were made against Savile after his death (Source: YouTube)

What did Steve Coogan say about his casting as Jimmy Savile?

Coogan, perhaps best known for playing Alan Partridge, voiced a Savile doll for Spitting Image in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

He explained, “Playing Jimmy Savile was not a decision I was taking lightly.

“Neil McKay wrote an intelligent script that empathizes with a terrible story that – so harrowing – needs to be told.”

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Executive Producer Jee Pope added, “The purpose of this drama is to examine how Savile’s insult went unchecked for so long. And by shedding light on this to make sure such crimes never happen again.

“Steve Coogan has a unique ability to inhabit complex characters. [He] will approach this role with the greatest care and integrity. “

Steve Coogan will play Jimmy Savile
Steve Coogan previously voiced a Jimmy Savile doll on Spitting Image (Credit: YouTube)

How did people react on Twitter?

Many of those who tweeted the latest casting news today (Sept. 26) weren’t very happy with the drama being produced.

One person pondered, “I know Steve Coogan makes a very compelling Jimmy Savile impression, but I don’t really want to see him. The Spitting Image DVDs are sufficient. “

Later they followed her thoughts, wondering how broadly Coogan could play the role.

“I know he played serious roles, but Savile has too much ‘character’ and I’m afraid Coogan’s performance might seem weird,” he continued.

“He’s too reminiscent of past comedy characters he played. Hopefully the opposite will be proven to me, time will tell. “

However, they still claimed that it wasn’t a show that they want to see.

“It is undoubtedly being handled responsibly, I suppose, but no,” they concluded.

This story doesn’t need to be told.

Others agreed that dramatizing Savile’s life and heinous crimes would not be appropriate for television.

“Do we really want to be reminded of this bad, bad man?” Tweeted another person.

Someone else boiled, “What on earth are the BBCs thinking? This story doesn’t have to be told. “

They went on to claim, “It doesn’t matter how it’s handled, it’s just a shock story to get reviews. A shame.”

And a third person added, “And that is what the BBC calls entertainment?”

Jimmy Savile presents Jim'll Fix It
The Reckoning will examine how pedophile Savile used his celebrity and powerful connections to hide from view (Source: YouTube)

TV license anger

Several users also linked their horror at the matter with paying their license fee. Some posts also contained hashtags related to the BBC’s “discovery”.

“Just why?” wrote an incredulous person and forwarded their tweet to a BBC account.

“That’s why I no longer have a BBC TV license.”

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Someone else repeated the thought and said, “This is sick, but typical of you.

“Why would anyone want to see something about Savile?

“I am so happy that I am one of the millions who have canceled my TV license.”

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