BBC “launches probe” in some mothers do ‘ave’ em after complaint

The BBC investigated the iconic 1970s sitcom. Some mothers do ‘ave’ em after complaints from a viewer.

The viewer reportedly complained about the program, which first aired in 1973, because it contained a “homophobic arc”.

Frank and Betty in the sitcom (Image credit: YouTube)

When did Some Mother Do ‘Ave’ Em originally air on the BBC?

Some mothers worked for the BBC for five years from 1973 to 1978.

It played Michael Crawford as Frank Spencer, one of the most famous characters in British comedy.

It followed the accident-prone Frank when he got all sorts of scratches and often wore his long coat and beret.

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He was accompanied on his disaster-prone adventures by his tolerant wife Betty, played by Michele Dotrice.

Frank was famous for the catchphrase “Ooooh, Betty”.

Some Mother Do 'Ave' Em were looking for homophobic bow
Frank always got scratched (Photo credit: YouTube)

What happened in the offensive scene?

The complaint came after a viewer watched the 1975 Christmas special rerun on BBC Two.

In it, Frank dresses up as an elf in a department store.

In the scene Frank said, “I’m the boss of the elves, I’m the friend of all the little boys and girls.”

However, one mocking boy replied, “Oh no, you are not, you are a [bleep]. ”

“I beg your pardon, block your ears!” Frank answered.

How did the BBC react?

Ahead of the episode, the BBC warned viewers that a language used in the festive special was “out of date”.

And despite the complaint, The times Newspaper reports that the company has investigated and decided it will not violate its policies.

A spokesman told the newspaper: “Attitudes and language change over time. Our approach is to let viewers know when a program contains something that may be offensive, inappropriate or out of date.”

ED! contacted the BBC for additional comment.

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Some Mother Do ‘Ave’ Em isn’t the only classic comedy to receive a pre-broadcast warning.

Shows such as Blackadder, Peep Show, The League Of Gentleman and Little Britain have been warned in front of viewers prior to broadcasting.

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