Bedroom twist, great betrayal and health fear

EastEnders spoilers reveal that Sharon is in shock when she finds Zack in her bedroom.

Meanwhile, Kat refuses to reveal her relationship with Phil, and Sheree worries about Patrick when he is asked to take part in a clinical trial next week.

EastEnders spoilers: sibling bedroom, great betrayal and great health fear

Monday April 5th

Sharon is discouraged with her new business. But she’s not happy when Jean’s cleaning isn’t up to date.

Little does she know, Jean is worried. Soon Jean starts acting out of the character and steals a delivery truck.

But Mo is horrified when Jean crashes the van.

Ruby struggles to take care of Stacey’s children. At work, Ruby gets bad news and rushes home to find Lily and Hope cutting up her late mother’s wedding dress.

Ruby is seething and wants Lily out.

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Patrick receives a letter asking him to participate in a clinical trial.

Sheree is not happy with his participation and is concerned about his health.

When Isaac finds out that Sheree has spoken to Lola again, he snaps that she can’t stop Patrick – it’s his decision.

Tuesday April 6th

Sharon tries to persuade Jean while she has to entertain the delivery driver at the same time.

Jean and Sharon have heart to heart that Jean admits she is worried about her family.

Sharon talks about her new found brother and soon Jean gets an idea.

Just as Jean is about to confess, they hear a car pull up. You step outside to see Zack.

Martin is involved in Ruby and Lily’s argument. An emotional Ruby explains that her MRI results have come back.

Lily later offers Ruby a more sincere apology. But it is clear that it is far from over.

Bernie also discovers a girl who is handing out missing dog posters. Bernie introduces herself to the girl Molly.

But her heart sinks when she sees that the missing dog is Banjo.

Thursday April 8th

Zack takes Sharon to breakfast. But when she’s distracted, he steals her keys.

Sharon later finds Zack looking through her bedroom. He tells her that Gavin left something in his will for both of them.

They bond while sharing stories, and Sharon asks Zack to stay. But she is disappointed when he leaves.

Kush visits Ruby to talk about Arthur, but it soon turns into a big argument.

Whitney is later shocked to discover that Kush has backed off. When Whitney sees Kat, she snaps.

Bailey discovers the missing dog flyer and realizes that Banjo’s real name is Ziggy. She insists that they return banjo and Bernie goes to meet Molly.

Friday April 9th

Kat refuses to go public with Phil while Kush’s trial is underway.

Phil tries to help by speaking to Kush about how to deal with the prison.

Isaac researches medical studies. He tells Lola that he is meeting his parish nurse so he can’t see her.

While visiting Rafe, he tells him about his love life and his fears for Patrick. Rafe wonders if this is due to concerns about his medication. But Isaac insists that he is fine.

Karen meets Mitch, Bailey and Bernie in Walford East while waiting for Gray to arrive. Tiff and Keegan are at the club and are shocked when Gray shows up, hammered.

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