Before Ok Computer, let’s take a look at the number of years Anand Gandhi spent on his projects and why

Anand Gandhi, a visionary in filmmaking and an unsung perfectionist on set for his projects. The director and his team are known for bringing a new wave of storytelling and audience involvement in content that creates a change from the usual. His previous excursions such as Tumbbad and Ship of Thesus were critically acclaimed and loved by the public as well.

A source close to the director said: “Anand Gandhi is this prolific filmmaker who invests a lot of time in research and development before starting filming. With Tumbbad it took him almost 6 years and Ship Of Thesus (his first film) took 7 years to complete the extensive research that went into developing the project. “

He added, “Tumbbad used 50 lanterns and lamps for multiple scenes to maintain the authenticity of the historical film, and it waited for the rainy season to arrive to actually shoot in real rain – so nothing wrong was part of it of which the process. This time it took Pooja and Neil nearly five years to complete their research and put together a filmography that is subtle, easy to interpret, and thought-provoking – India’s first sci-fi comedy thriller, Ok Computer. “

Anand has worked with Pooja Shetty and Neil Pagedar, who come from different walks of life and who, in their first collaboration with the director, developed something that India has never seen before.

Under the direction of the debutant producer / director duo Pooja Shetty and Neil Pagedar and produced by Anand Gandhi (the maker of Ship of Thesus and Tumbbad), Ok Computer has an ensemble of Radhika Apte, Vijay Varma, Jackie Shroff and Rasika Duggal, just to name a few. The series will be released on March 26, 2021.

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