Ben Fogle closes the Meghan Markle chat

On today’s Good Morning Britain, hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid talked to Ben Fogle via video link.

And viewers praised the 47-year-old television presenter and adventurer after refusing to discuss the bullying allegations about Meghan Markle on the ITV show.

It was revealed this week that the Duchess of Sussex – ahead of the Sussexes’ Oprah Winfrey interview – was subject to allegations of bullying by palace staff.

Meghan Markle has denied bullying allegations by Palace staff (Image credit:

What did Ben Fogle say about Good Morning Britain today?

On Good Morning Britain, Ben Fogle refused to discuss the allegations and closed Piers when he asked about the host’s views, New Lives In The Wild.

Piers said, “I know you’re friends with William and Harry, you went to William’s wedding … that huge royal saga that plays out like a series from The Crown … what do you think?”

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Ben said to him, “To be honest, Piers, I don’t want to evade your question. I think you overestimate my friendship with the protagonists you speak of. I’m in the middle of the wild here, I tried to abstain and stay out of other people’s business.

This good morning in the UK today, Ben Fogle refused to speak about Meghan (Credit: ITV).

“I think everyone is very … it’s a very valid time for everyone to have an opinion, it’s not really for me to say.”

GMB host Piers replied, “Okay, fair enough” and led the conversation on Ben’s new show about Chernobyl.

Piers Morgan had to postpone the discussion on Ben’s new show on Chernobyl (Credit: ITV)

GMB viewers greet Ben

On Twitter, GMB viewers applauded Ben for refusing to be drawn into a discussion about the Duchess of Sussex.

One said: “@piersmorgan #PiersMorgan on @GMB has been shut down by @Benfogle because of his views on #HarryandMeghan. Well done Ben! Brightened up my morning! “

Ben Fogle. Intellect over childlike news.

A second wrote: “Ben just switched off Harry and Meghan, is not interested in hate campaigns, next … #GMB.”

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Someone else tweeted, “Be more Ben Fogle #GMB.”

Another put with a thumbs up emoji: “@GMB Ben Fogle. Intellect over childlike news #GMB. ”

Meghan’s response to the bullying allegations

A spokesman for Meghan Markle said the former senior royal was “sad” about the bullying allegations. They also called the claims an “attack on their character”.

You said as reported by Sky news: “The Duchess is saddened by this recent attack on her character, especially as someone who has bullied himself and is deeply committed to supporting those who have experienced pain and trauma.

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“She is determined to continue her work and build compassion around the world. [Meghan] I will continue to strive to set an example of what is right and what is good. “

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