Ben Miller makes returning to the show emotional as a viewer

By Death in Paradise, Ben Miller returned last night when DI Richard Poole and the audience were emotional.

The hit crime drama BBC One celebrated its 10th anniversary with a two-part story that ended last night (Friday 5th February).

It had teased the return of Richard, played by Ben, for several weeks.

And the fans were not disappointed – in fact, they were in tears when they saw the fan favorite again.

Richard appeared in Camille’s Fantasy (Credit: BBC)

What happened when Richard Poole returned in death in Paradise?

In the two-part story, current island detective Neville Parker (Ralf Little) tried to solve a crime that had links to the past.

In a dramatic twist, another fan favorite – Camille Bordey (Sara Martins) – returned to the island.

Her mother Catherine had been attacked and she wanted to be with her.

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However, Camille has not been on the show since the end of the fourth series, and Richard was murdered at the beginning of the third series.

No wonder the fans got emotional when they saw these two together again.

Fans were in tears when Richard Poole returned to Death In Paradise
Richard gave Camille some advice (Credit: BBC)

What were Richard and Camille talking about?

In one touching scene, Camille was sitting on the beach wondering what to do with her mother.

While she was thinking out loud, Richard appeared beside her.

Then it was revealed that Richard was not back from the dead – just an illusion in Camille’s mind.

Together they discussed the situation.

And Richard – known for his British stiff upper lip – was unusually emotional, telling Camille that so many things remain unsaid.

He asked her to share her feelings with her mother.

How did the audience react?

It wasn’t long before viewers began to share their own feelings.

A fan tweeted: “#DeathInParadise good, that put me in tears. I miss Richard Poole so much @ActualBenMiller. “

Another said, “Well, I actually cried on that Richard and Camille scene.

“Was a little disappointed that we didn’t see him again and that the scene of him on the beach was just an advertisement.

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“I also thought that something was missing from the murder investigation. Overall, I loved this two piece #DeathInParadise. “

Finally, a third commented: “Another brilliant episode #DeathInParadise.

“Lots of different emotions, tears, smiles and laughter. The beach scene with Camille and Richard had me [cry emoji]. ”

Death in Paradise continues next Thursday (February 11) at 9 p.m. on BBC One.

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