Ben Shephard Tipping Point host is amazed at the participant’s ice plan

Tipping Point host Ben Shephard was stunned when a candidate revealed how she was going to spend her prize money.

Heidi, a customer service assistant from Bristol, reached the last part of the ITV quiz show today (Wednesday 17th February) after a tense round with sudden death.

The winner of the Tipping Point on Wednesday was Heidi (Photo credit: ITV)

What happened to Heidi at the tipping point?

Heidi and competitor Jak were the last two hopefuls, and she struck him in a sudden death after they both dealt with prize pots of £ 2,050.

Ben asked them, “How many days are there in the calendar month of May?”

Jak answered wrong with 30 and made Heidi the winner.

Ben asked Heidi how she would spend her prize money (Credit: ITV)

Ben Shephard calls ice cream van plan a turning point first

When the ITV presenter asked how she wanted to spend her winnings, Heidi announced that she wanted to buy an ice cream truck.

And Ben admitted in surprise that he had never heard a candidate say something like this on the show before.

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Heidi said to him: “It’s a bit strange, but I would like to buy an ice cream truck. A working, do it, lights and festival season, go to all festivals and hopefully make enough money not to work in winter. “

Ben replied: “Amazing! I don’t think anyone bought an ice cream truck with the jackpot win. “

Ben had never heard anything like it on the show (Credit: ITV)

Tipping Point viewers as surprised as Ben Shephard

Viewers were also stunned when they went to Twitter to comment on Heidi’s unusual plans.

One said: “You want an ice cream van? Well that’s different! #TippingPoint. “

Amazing! I don’t think anyone bought an ice cream truck with the jackpot win.

Another wrote, “Ice cream truck is the best plan I’ve heard on Tipping Point … better than the usual trip to Australia #tippingpoint.”

A third sentence: “Oh wow, an ice cream truck! I hope she wins now! “

A fourth tweeted, “I want to buy an ice cream truck. I wasn’t expecting this answer #tippingpoint. “

Heidi wins big

In the end, Heidi managed to win the £ 10,000 jackpot.

The audience applauded her on Twitter.

One said, “Yay! She will have a Cool Cat ice cream van! I’m really excited about the #Tippingpoint winner and think @benshephard was really happy for her too! “

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Another wrote: “To be honest, I’m so happy for her! Totally deserves it. She had a great game. Get the ice cream truck girl #TippingPoint. “

Someone else said: “I’m very happy about Heidi and her ice cream van. #tippingpoint. ”

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