Beverley Callard predicts a grim exit for Liz McDonald on Coronation Street

Beverley Callard has said that her iconic Coronation Street character, Liz McDonald, could be killed.

The 63-year-old actress believes Corrie bosses could easily find an untimely way to get rid of Liz.

She said this even though the bosses said they would not kill her character if she stepped off the soap.

Beverley Callard has no plans to return to Coronation Street (Image credit: SplashNews)

What did Beverley Callard say about Coronation Street?

Bev told The mirror: “I think Liz might die. They said when I left my message, “We’re not going to kill Liz, we want you to come back.”

“But now I’ve made that decision, I don’t want to go back, they could kill her off-screen.”

Beverley said she would leave the soap in late 2019 and her final scenes aired in June 2020.

Now I’ve made that decision, I don’t want to go back, they could kill her off-screen.

She didn’t get a formal exit storyline, though, despite being on the soap for 30 years.

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There were two reasons for this: the pandemic and Beverley’s unexpected battle for health.

COVID-19 threw the soap completely off the schedule.

Filming was halted for months and after the resumption, strict new filming guidelines were introduced.

I am a celebrity
Bev on I’m A Celebrity last year (Image credit: ITV)

What happened to Beverley Callard?

In addition, Beverley suffered badly after a botched hip replacement.

This resulted in her later having a full hip replacement that took months to recover from.

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She even told Loose Women that there had originally been a dramatic exit storyline.

But her health and movie restrictions kept her from filming it last year.

Bev said, “Well the biggest thing was that we shot Liz’s grand dramatic ending – I’m not going to tell you what it was – but after the lockdown, I couldn’t go back.

“They offered me a wheelchair and I said, ‘No way! A wheelchair and high heels, no no no. ‘”

Liz McDonald on Corrie
Liz never had a proper exit storyline (Credit: ITV)

In fact, the only mention was that Liz was gone while her son Steve McDonald and Leanne Battersby were taking care of their terminally ill son Oliver.

During the episode that aired last August, Leanne mentioned that Liz was now in Spain.

To which Steve replied, “No. Well, I understand why she had to get out of here, but yeah – one less person to talk to, I suppose. “

Despite Beverley’s health problems, she competed in 2020. I’m a celebrity – get me out of here! in Wales.

She was voted out of office after 17 days in the castle.

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