Beverley Turner slams Piers Morgan into the gossip line

In a series that featured the late Captain Sir Tom Moore, This Morning contributor Beverley Turner hit back GMB host Piers Morgan after calling her “pathetic”.

Mom of three, Beverley, 47, previously stated that she wouldn’t gossip for Captain Tom.

However, when Piers described her as pathetic, she shot back and accused him of being “manipulative”.

What did Beverley say about Captain Sir Tom Moore?

In her first tweet, Beverley, 47, said: “#SirTomMoore and his family have done an amazing job raising £ for the NHS.

“It’s great that he is 100 years old!

“It’s great that he has one last great vacation.

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“But I don’t clap in the street to keep up the fear that impending death is everywhere and we are all in it together. Were not.”

After Piers declared her refusal to clap, she responded, tweeted, and said, “This is so pathetic.”

Bev asked if Piers was “manipulating” his followers

Beverley then went to her own Twitter feed to let her followers know that he had blocked them.

“Must have touched a nerve blocked by @piersmorgan,” she wrote.

I don’t think he liked the fact that after many of your reactions, I wasn’t entirely wrong.

“I don’t think he liked the fact that from a lot of your reactions it looks like I wasn’t completely wrong… And he doesn’t like to be wrong.

“Maybe he’s manipulating you all too? Just a thought…”

Beverley hit back at Piers (Photo credit:

How did Beverley react?

The anti-lockdown transmitter had previously responded to Piers’ neck with a long message.

“No pillars. He was great.

“Heroic behavior at his impressive age and I fully defend his right to vacation (and yours …).

“But what exactly are we going to think about when we clap? A fever of fear.

“Most people are still not at risk of dying.”

Captain Tom captured the heart of the nation
People across the country clapped for Tom (Credit:

The country clapped for Captain Sir Tom Moore

Regardless of Beverley’s aversion to the national gossip, people across the country paid tribute to Captain Tom, who died on Tuesday (February 2nd).

The World War II veteran captured the hearts of the nation on initial lockdown as he raised over £ 30 million for NHS-related nonprofits.

When national gossip was proposed, Captain Tom’s family made a statement.

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“Captain Tom’s family is incredibly touched by #ClapForTom’s public proposal tonight at 6pm.

“You will partake of your father, grandfather and father-in-law with great love in your heart.”

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