Billy Mitchell reveals the real age when the audience is stunned

EastEnders character Billy Mitchell announced his age last night (Monday February 1st) and viewers were stunned.

The veteran character, played by Perry Fenwick, is currently embroiled in an uncomfortable story with his ex Honey and their new love, Jay.

In exchange with Phil Mitchell, shocked viewers couldn’t believe it when Billy revealed his age.

And it’s a lot older than they thought.

Billy revealed everything to Phil (Credit: BBC)

How old is Billy Mitchell in EastEnders?

Billy was in a pout after Honey and Jay made their relationship public.

And after smashing Jay’s booth in protest, he went to Phil to ask for help.

Phil reprimanded him and said, “Look at you, a 60 year old and you are a mess.”

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“61 actually,” whispered Billy.

Phil added, “What do you have to show for it? Honey was the only good thing that happened to you and you managed to screw that up. “

At this point, viewers used social media to register their surprise.

How did the fans react?

One wrote: “#EastEnders Billy 61? It looks the same as it did 30 years ago! “

Another said, “Billy 61? It’s mental. “

It looks the same as it did 30 years ago!

“Billy is 61? What #EastEnders? “another interfered.

Finally, one viewer wrote: “Watched #EastEnders lol Phil wasn’t very sympathetic to Billy and Billy is wow.”

Billy Mitchell argues with Honey in EastEnders
Billy was in a pout (Credit: BBC)

What happened to Billy and Honey?

There was a tense argument between Honey and Billy after their ex found out about their new relationship with Jay.

“He’s young enough to be your son,” said Billy.

But Honey – mother of Billy’s two children – hit back and said, “Like I’m young enough to be your daughter!”

The two separated when Billy was admitted to a one night stand with Tina.

Billy Mitchell reveals his age at EastEnders
Could Billy turn to the dark side? (Image credit: BBC)

What will happen to billy?

After ruining Honey’s announcement about Jay for their kids, all roads lead to Billy becoming a drug dealer.

Billy reportedly goes to Vinny to ask about drug sales.

After receiving a package for sale, Billy reassures Vinny that he knows what he is doing.

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However, this is Billy and the audience knows that nothing never goes according to plan for him.

The big question is whether he can handle it and turn to the dark side entirely.

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