Billy will die when lured into Meena’s hiding place, fans predict

Emmerdale fans predict that Meena will kill Billy as she plans to lure him into her hiding place.

Recently, Meena told Billy that she was pregnant with his baby but claimed that she had a miscarriage when she got involved in the Woolpack explosion.

Serial killer Meena is currently holding Vinny and Manpreet in an abandoned barn.

Meena has Vinny and Manpreet tied up in a barn (Image: ITV)

Meanwhile, Liam became suspicious of Meena’s behavior and when he checked her records, he found no records of pregnancy or miscarriage.

When he confronted her, she threatened to have sexually molested her.

In the scenes last night (Wednesday January 12), Liam decided to tell Leyla what had happened and told Billy and Dawn that Meena had faked her pregnancy and miscarriage.

Billy called Meena for answers and she told him Liam had problems with her and he was lying.

Emmerdale December 16th Meena persuades Billy to move in for Christmas
Billy found out that Meena lied about pregnancy and miscarriage (Image credit: ITV)

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Meena then told Billy that there was a barn near Robblesfield and told him to meet her there.

She told him to go there himself and she would explain everything.

Meena then proceeded to stop the van she was using to attempt to kill Manpreet and Vinny.

She stated that Billy was on his way, but now fans are predicting that Billy will be the one who will be killed.

Emmerdale: Will Billy Die?

Emmerdale is keeping his mouth shut about what happens next, but it was recently confirmed that Billy and Dawn are planning to get married on Valentine’s Day.

Speaking to Entertainment Daily and other media outlets at a recent virtual press event, producer Jane Hudson revealed, “There could be a wedding this summer. You have to wait and see, but you can’t guess who it is now. “

Emmerdale Thu 6 Jan Lucas finds out about Billy and Dawn's engagement
Billy and Dawn are engaged (Image: ITV)

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Producer Laura Shaw also revealed the date of Billy and Dawn’s wedding.

She said, “Your wedding will definitely be this year and it will be on the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day!

“Will it be happy for these two or will there be a disaster? I suspect it is probably the latter. “

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