Bollywood singer Keerthi Sagathia drops his new single “Valam Kis Des Gayo”

Bollywood singer Keerthi Sagathia and his team are excited to release their new music video ‘Valam Kis Des Gayo’. The song describes the journey of ‘WAITING’ in a relationship. ‘Valam Kis Des Gayo’ is a music video that beautifully depicts the struggles and doubts that arise when a person is waiting for their loved one. A very soulful, yet meaningful text speaks in this song. “Imagine a life in which every breath waits for a glimpse of his love,” Keerthi Sagathia quotes.

2020 was definitely a roller coaster ride of a year. With the lockdown effect, many faced major challenges and many Infact chose to move on and make the most of it. Sagathia talks about the best of the lockdown and gives us a glimpse into his journey in creating the song during the lockdown period. He says, “I spent a lot of time in the studio during the lockdown. In a way, it helped me gain more time to think and process, and together as a team we worked on this song and it’s a proud moment for all of us. Thanks definitely go to my team, without whom this would not have been possible. I hope this dream run continues and we are all ready to work on it as hard as possible. “

The lyrics were written by Rishi Upadhyay and the composition together with the singing by Keerthi Sagathia himself. The Bollywood singer Keerthi Sagathia, who is also known as the king of melodies for his wonderful work on songs from films like Delhi Belly, Raanjhanaa, Special 26, Parmanu : The story of Pokhran is known, also gave his voice to the famous television show Satyamev Jayate Theme Song and many more have now released his long-awaited music video, namely ‘Valam Kis Des Gayo.

The video, which was released on Keerthi Sagathia’s YouTube channel on January 29, 2021, will be streamed exclusively and will definitely win the hearts of many fans around the world. Keerthi Sagathia has once again proven himself to be one of the leading singers in the Hindi entertainment industry with his remarkable work.

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