Boris Johnson “optimistic” about the suspension

Boris Johnson is “optimistic” about the removal of lockdown restrictions.

The prime minister told reporters he was confident the measures could be toned when he releases his “roadmap” later this month.

While repeating his positive sentiment, the optimistic prime minister was also cautious.

Does the vaccine rollout add to Boris Johnson’s optimism? (Photo credit: YouTube)

What did Boris Johnson say about the end of the lockdown?

Mr Johnson admitted he could barely suppress his cheers during a trip to a coronavirus vaccine lab today (Feb.13).

He visited the Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies facility in Billingham, Teesside, where the new Novavax vaccine is manufactured.

Mr. Johnson was wearing a lab coat and said, “I’m optimistic I won’t hide it from you.

We don’t want to be forced to retreat or turn ferrets around.

“I’m optimistic, but we have to be careful.”

A hospital patient suffers from coronavirus
Are you going to rush back to the pub? (Photo credit: YouTube)

Boris Johnson confirms the lock priority

The Prime Minister also stated that reopening schools remains high on the agenda.

Schools in England are expected to open in some form on March 8th.

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In the hope that shops and pubs could return soon, the Prime Minister continued: “Our children’s education is our top priority.

“But then we continue to work and also open the non-essential retail trade. And then in due course, if we can – cautiously, of course – also open up the hospitality. “

The Prime Minister will make his announcement on or about February 22nd.

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PM “hopes to avoid a U-turn”

Mr Johnson also said he hoped he would not have to make another U-turn in his decisions following his announcement.

He continued: “I will try to explain as much as possible in as much detail as possible, always understanding that we have to beware of the clinical picture.

“We don’t want to be forced to withdraw or ferrets to turn back.”

Mr Johnson also reiterated suggestions from Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who recently put forward the idea that Britons must live with COVID like they do with flu.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock
Matt Hancock Believes We Need To Learn To Live With COVID (Credit: YouTube)

The Prime Minister added, “I think that in due course it will be something we will just live with … [with] Some people are more vulnerable than others. It is inevitable. “

A government source told newspaper i that data has shown the third national lockdown to date has been relatively successful.

They claimed, “My understanding is that the Prime Minister is encouraged by a number of dates [showing] the positive effects of the current lockdown. “

They continued: “By March, there is also a good chance that almost, if not all, over-50s and younger vulnerable groups have received at least the first dose of a vaccine.

“We could have a beer in the pub until Easter if the data continues to improve in the coming weeks.”

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