Brad got kicked out of the mansion and fans all say the same thing

Love Island candidate Brad McClelland has been fired from the mansion and fans are all saying the same thing.

In the show’s first public vote, couples Chloe and Toby, Sharon and Hugo, and Brad and Lucinda were voted the least compatible couples on the show.

Brad and Lucinda were paired (Image credit: ITV)

However, it was Brad and Lucinda who received the lowest votes and were at risk of being dumped off the island.

But in a new twist, the couple were told that between them they had to choose who would go.

Love Island: Brad dumped

On today’s episode (Wednesday July 14th), Brad tried to convince Lucinda to stay at the mansion.

Lucinda was struggling to decide whether to stay with Brad or leave.

However, they decided that Brad, who has been at the mansion since day one, would go alone.

Brad left the mansion (Photo credit: ITV / Lifted Entertainment)

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Fans were upset when Brad left, but some said if Lucinda really liked him she would come with him.

One wrote: “Lucinda, if you really ‘fantasized’ about him, you would go with him.”

Another said, “If Lucinda really liked Brad, she would go with him.”

A third tweeted, “If Lucinda likes Brad, she should go too.”

Others have accused Lucinda of crying false tears.

When asked if Brad was hoping Lucinda would go with him, he said, “It was one of those times that night I didn’t want her to go [with me].

“The way we had a connection, it would be really nice to continue what we had outwardly.

“I woke up this morning wishing we’d gone together. I want to see where this could have gone. Since I can’t speak to Cind or ask her where she is, I want to know how she woke up this morning.

Who is linked to whom?

Love Island Brad
Viewers all said the same thing about Lucinda when Brad left (Image credit: ITV)

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Currently, Jake is paired with Liberty, Liam is paired with Millie, Toby is paired with Chloe, and Teddy and Faye are paired.

If Lucinda likes Brad, she should go too.

Aaron and Kaz are now friends, as are Sharon and Hugo.

Lucinda is now single.

Love Island will air at 9 p.m. on ITV2.

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