Breaking Dad viewers complain that the ITV show is “too short”

Breaking Dad viewers have complained that the ITV series is “too short”.

On last night’s show (February 8th), 60-year-old Bradley and 23-year-old Barney came to Italy, where they were treated to a special performance by Andrea Bocelli.

Barney arranged for the legendary opera singer to visit for his father’s 60th birthday.

Bradley and Barney Walsh saw Andrea Bocelli at Breaking Dad last night (Credit: ITV)

What happened to Breaking Dad?

Arrived at Andrea’s luxurious Italian home, the two were greeted by the singer and violinist.

The episode took an emotional turn when she heard a performance of Time To Say Goodbye that moved Bradley to tears.

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Then the Chase host said, “That was amazing. Absolutely wonderful. So emotional. I can not believe it. A real honor. “

He later added, “I can’t believe this happened.”

The legendary opera singer performed at his home (Credit: ITV)

However, a number of viewers took to Twitter to ask ITV to make a big change to the program.

Breaking Dad is only active for 30 minutes, including any commercial breaks, and fans of the show think it should take longer.

What did the audience say?

One wrote: “#BreakingDad is our favorite program right now. Each episode is way too short !! I love the affection and interaction between father and son. What an example to all of us. “

A second added, “I always have to watch it late but never miss an episode of #BreakingDad. Bradley and Barney’s relationship is just great. Exactly what we need right now. Can we please make it longer even though it’s nice? “

In addition, a third commented: “#BreakingDad How is it over? This show is way too short. “

A fourth tweeted, “We look forward to #BreakingDad every week. However, it has to be longer than half an hour “

Each episode is way too short!

Meanwhile, others were sobbing over Bradley’s birthday surprise.

They also said, “Absolutely sobbing, what a birthday present! #BreakingDad. “

Bradley was in tears during the private audience (Credit: ITV)

Another added, “Omg, how emotional #BreakingDad was when Bradley Walsh had a private audience with @AndreaBocelli, my husband and I were torn to pieces.”

A third wrote, “Love Bradley and Barney on #BreakingDad, what a lovely relationship and such real people.”

What have fans said in the past?

It’s not the first time fans have complained about the series’ 30-minute episodes.

Early last year viewers had the same problem and asked ITV to make a change.

ITV viewers have requested an extension of the episode (Photo credit: ITV)

At the time, an ITV spokesperson told ED, “We take this as a big compliment and we’re delighted that the new series has already had such a big response. We can confirm that the new series will run longer than last year and will contain six episodes. “

During last week’s show, Bradley apologized to Barney after turning down the chance to bungee jump.

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Brad said afterward, “Sorry buddy, I left you down there.”

However, his son argued, “You did not let me down! Stop it … this is the most terrifying thing I’ve done on this show. “

ED asked ITV for an updated comment.

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