Bring those shows back when Blankety Blank returns with Bradley Walsh!

After a well-received special last Christmas, the classic game show Blankety Blank is back for a series with Bradley Walsh again hosting.

After a turbulent couple of years, nostalgia has something calming about it. And – with that in mind – we demand that these shows be brought back now too!


(Credits: ITV / YouTube)

It was a lot of fun and there were prizes to be won. Who hasn’t watched this CITV classic earlier and secretly wished they could be the children who romp through the fun house with Pat Sharp and the permanently bubbly twins Melanie and Martina?

It makes you feel old, the twins are now almost 50. The Smash children’s show ran for 10 years from 1989 to 1999 before exterminating the children across the UK.

The goal was to be the first team to make it through the fun house and all the surprises it throws at you.

Fun (House) Fact: An adult version of the show was planned and even a pilot was made with Carol Smilie as the host.

It never made it to the big screen, however, but maybe now is the time. As long as the Theme Tune will also restart.


Bullseye Game Show Opening Credits
(Photo credit: Youtube / ITV)

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Bullesye on ITV was a staple for TV addicts in the 1980s. What can you go wrong with darts, trivia, gambling? and great prices

Bullseye was famous for its iconic host Jim Bowen and his ingenious catchphrases.

These included: “Look at what you could have won”, “Stay away from the black and red numbers, nothing in this game for two in bed” and the devastating “You won’t win anything but your BFH… this is yours “Bus fare home.”

Contestants had to answer questions to get their professional player to throw darts on their behalf, with the winning team getting the chance to play Bully’s Prize Board.

The prices were great, ranging from white goods – which in 1984 didn’t fancy a dishwasher – to yachts.

Oh, and the unforgettable bronze bully statue. Unfortunately it was deleted in 1995.

Last year it was “oversized and restarted” on a new series, Alan Carr’s Epic Game Show, but it just wasn’t comparable.

The generation game

Bruce Forsyth's generation game
(Photo credit: BBC / YouTube)

Oh the good old generation game. This was originally a huge hit in the 1970s, with legendary host Bruce Forsyth at the helm.

When he moved to new pastures in 1978, Larry Grayson took over management.

It wasn’t quite the same without Brucey, however, and the show was canceled in 1982.

It was then restarted in its rightful place with Bruce in the 1990s and became a hit with a whole new, uh, generation.

The format was simple: two generations have teamed up to close the generation gap and win prizes together. Extra Brucey bonus points if they had a photographic memory for that pesky conveyor belt ride.

Bruce gave up in 1995 and was replaced by Jim Davidson, who carried the flame until 2002 when it was deleted.


(Photo credit: YouTube / ITV)

A list of classic game shows wouldn’t be complete without blockbusters, right?

On the ITV show, a team of two students competed against a solo student to see if two heads were really better than one.

They had to choose a letter from the board, immortalize the sentence “Can I have a P, Bob”, answer the relevant question and try to draw a line through the board.

And all while preventing his opponent from making a line – that’s titular blocking.

Bob Holness is the most memorable host, but Liza Tarbuck, Michael Aspel and Dara O Brian have been at the fore on reboots.

It’s time to get it back mainstream – if it happens to Blankety Blank with Bradley Walsh, it could happen here again!

TV addicts

TV addicts
(Photo credit: YouTube / BBC)

Another issue of the BBC featured two families struggling to show how much television they were watching.

Noel Edmunds hosted the show from 1985 until it was canceled in 1998. The teams sat on couches in front of television screens, watching clips from television.

You would then have to answer questions about each clip.

Watching people watch TV is clearly a win-win format as Telly Addicts has been on for 13 years and Gogglebox has now been on our screens for ninth year.

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Knight mare

Knight mare
(Photo credit: YouTube / ITV)

Another classic kids game show that aired on CITV. Slightly darker than anything else on children’s television at the time, Knightmare featured a child with a helmet too big for his head, led through a green screen world of dungeons, dragons, terrible ogres, wizards, etc., by a team of strategic friends became.

The game was lost if the child in the helmet was killed. Fortunately not only in the fantasy area. Knightmare had cult status and was revived for a one-time special in 2013.

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