Britain is celebrating the Queen’s platinum anniversary

In 2022, the UK will celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee with a four-day bank holiday.

The extended holiday marks the 70th anniversary of Her Majesty’s accession next year.

Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate her platinum anniversary next year (Image credit: SplashNews)

New holiday for 2022

According to Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden, there will be a full calendar of events to celebrate.

There are usually two bank holiday weekends in May.

In order to do justice to celebrations, this is now reduced to next year.

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As a result, it is postponed to June so the British can step behind the queen and celebrate the longest reigning monarch.

Mr. Dowden said: “Her Majesty’s Platinum Anniversary will be a truly historic moment. One that deserves a celebration to be remembered.

“We can all look forward to a special four-day anniversary weekend. We’re going to put on a spectacular one-time show combining the best of British ceremonial splendor with cutting edge art and technology.

“It will bring the entire nation together in fitting tribute to Her Majesty’s reign.”

Queen Elizabeth II. Consists of the 100th anniversary of the funeral of an unknown warrior
She is now the UK’s longest reigning Queen (Credit: SplashNews).

What day is the platinum anniversary?

This is where people can be confused about the date of the new bank holiday.

The Queen will celebrate her platinum anniversary in February 2022.

However, the British can enjoy a festive weekend in the sun in June.

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The bank holiday at the end of May has been postponed to Thursday June 2nd.

And to make it even better, another was added on Friday June 3rd, which means the British have a four-day weekend.

The queen wore the brooch when the royal family celebrated Commonwealth Day
The British will celebrate in June 2022 (Image credit: BBC)

How will the queen celebrate?

According to reports, the Queen will celebrate her Accession Day – February 6th – privately in Sandringham.

The day also marks the anniversary of her late father’s death.

In a statement, Buckingham Palace said it hoped “many people” would attend the celebrations next year.

It read: “The Platinum Jubilee is an opportunity for the Queen to express his gratitude for the support and loyalty Her Majesty has received during her reign.

“The Queen hopes that as many people as possible will have the opportunity to attend the celebrations.”

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