Britannia Tiger launches the Krunch Khao, Punch Dikhao campaign with Sonu Sood to teach children self-defense

Children are exposed to bullying in schools around the world, with one in three students exposed at least once a month. “– This amazing discovery by UNESCO prompted the United Nations to raise global awareness of the topic and launch the International Day against Violence and Bullying in Schools in November 2020. The scene is no different in India either. To counteract this, Tiger Krunch recognized the importance of introducing children to self-defense through martial arts, which increases mental and physical strength and resistance to conflict situations. And we did it in a fun way, with Sonu Sood, the campaign ambassador, who took kids on a virtual tour around the globe introducing them to 5 different forms of martial arts – (1) Israel – Krav Maga (2) Japan – Judo (3) Brazil – Jujitsu (4) India – Kalaripayattu (5) Korea – Taekwondo.

In the course of the five-part video series, Sonu Sood encourages children to resolve conflicts – initially through a friendly conversation or a tasty treat with chocolate Tiger Krunch biscuits, but in a situation where all means of amicably resolving a conflict seem impossible. Then it is second best to stay vigilant and defend yourself using some of the techniques taught in the series.

Speaking of the campaign and the connection with Bollywood action star Sonu Sood, Vinay Subramanyam, Britannia Industries Ltd., said “Britannia Tiger Krunch is true to its philosophy – always delivering the best value, be it when you have the most indulgent cookie experience at Rs. 5 or overcoming a difficult situation by doing your best. The Krunch Khao, Punch Dikhao campaign is an attempt to empower children to do their best, stay safe in conflict situations and build physical and mental strength. Martial arts teach children self-defense and valuable life skills such as discipline, concentration, self-esteem and goal orientation. ” He added, “And who better than Sonu Sood to teach children these values ​​and inspire them to face every challenge that life poses with sheer determination and perseverance.”

Share his thoughts on putting on the hat of a martial arts instructor for the campaign, Bollywood action star and folk hero, Sonu Sood said: “As a fitness enthusiast and martial arts fan, I have not only been physically strong, but also imparted discipline and strengthened my self-confidence. I am glad that as part of Britannia Tiger’s “Krunch Khao, Punch Dikhao” campaign, I now have the opportunity to convey these lifelong values ​​to young people and to encourage them to learn martial arts and to become familiar with self-defense techniques. There are many martial arts forms in India and around the world, as depicted in the series. “

To get the campaign out to the masses, Britannia Tiger Krunch also partnered with Udemy – a leading global learning platform. This association enables young people to take special online courses between 40 minutes and 7 hours on the five martial arts forms at reduced prices from INR 525 / -. Upon registration, the user will win a Rs. 150 Udemy voucher which can be redeemed to take these specialized martial arts courses and more. If you log on to the campaign website and go through the five videos, the children will also have the opportunity to receive a “Krunch Khao, Punch Dikhao” certificate which they can then download.

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