British hit by heavy snowfall and sub-zero temperatures

The sunny holiday weather is quickly becoming a distant memory for those living in the UK.

Unfortunately, from today (April 5th) heavy snowfall and temperatures of down to -7 ° C will move across the country.

While much of the UK has had sunshine on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, it will unfortunately not last.

And since the temperatures are dropping noticeably today, it is likely to be cooler – and much whiter!

The sunny holiday weather is expected to go away on Easter Monday. (Image credit: Pexels)

Weather in Great Britain: Snow is coming in

A change in the weather begins on Easter Monday when bitter cold winds blow over Great Britain.

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Forecasters even predict heavy snowfall in some areas.

Scotland has been identified as an area of ​​subzero temperatures which is then expected to migrate south.

Goodbye sunny holiday weather

The holiday weekend brought glorious sunshine and record temperatures in some areas.

There will be an 11 degree drop between one day and the next so you will definitely notice it!

The Met Office recorded highs of 17.9 ° C in Worcestershire’s Pershore yesterday.

However, the city is expected to see temperatures of 7 ° C (44.6 ° F) on Monday – an 11 ° C drop that feels bitterly cold.

Colder temperatures are expected to be felt across the UK.

It has already been predicted that the snow will fall in the north of England. Additionally, northern Scotland already has snow warnings with nearly 6 inches falling in higher areas.

What did the Met Office say?

Simon Partridge, Met Office forecaster, said, “There will be an 11 degree drop between one day and the next so you will definitely notice!”

The main reason for the cool change is a change in wind temperature.

He continued, “The air we had on Sunday came from the south, so it’s pretty mild to have come from the continent.

“Overnight we’ll see a cold front moving south across the country, it’s already in northern Scotland, and it’s going to move south overnight.

“That will bring in much, much colder air across the country.”

What is the UK weather like for the rest of the week?

While the sunny weather has apparently disappeared on public holidays, the rest of the week is not a total loss as small rays of sun break through.

Tuesday will still be a cold and wintry day with sunny phases. However, there are isolated showers of snow and hail in some areas, including Scotland.

Frost is expected from Wednesday, but sunshine is expected. Clouds and rain showers will fall in the north but are expected to move south by the end of the week.

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