British will be hit by ‘Thundersnow’ next week


According to the UK weather forecast, this will change dramatically next week as ‘Thundersnow’ replaces spring sunshine.

March temperatures were record breaking last week, but the Easter weekend will usher in a meteorological vortex.

What will the UK weather be like next week?

Last week, on Tuesday March 30th, mercury rose to 24.2 ° C in part of London.

This temperature became a record breaker – it was the highest March number since 1968.

Although the British loved going out in the sun, the weather pattern is set to change dramatically next week.

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Joanna Robinson, producer of Heavenly Weather, said: “The arctic air will then rush south on Easter Monday to hit all areas. With a strong wind chill it feels very cold at the beginning of April.

“Thunderstorms are also possible – a thunderstorm that occurs during winter precipitation. It’s pretty rare.

“The flash can appear brighter because the light reflects off the snowflakes, while the sound can be attenuated.”

Thundersnow could happen on Tuesday (Credit:

What is thunder snow?

The Met Office says the weather conditions are, “When thunderstorms form in wintry conditions, they can sometimes lead to violent blizzards, often referred to as ‘thunderstorms’.”

The weather department says it only happens “a few months out of the year” and that any lightning that occurs looks brighter.

This is because the light reflects off the snowflakes.

It is also said that the sound of thunder that occurs in a storm of this type can be muffled by the snow.

The UK weather returns after Easter
Thundersnow captured in the US (Image Credit: CNN / TouTube)

What’s the prognosis for next week?

The Met Office says the forecast for next week will be “cold and troubled” starting Tuesday.

“Snow and hail showers are likely to be almost everywhere,” it says.

“The northern, western and eastern coastal areas have the most frequent and violent showers on Tuesday. Some high winds will also develop for a time which will accentuate the cold feeling.

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“This general picture continues well into April, with showers most common in the north and east.

“Any snow will most likely be confined to a higher northern plain later on.”

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