Britons share the same concern for the sausage dog’s new Easter egg

The M&S food gods have unveiled the store’s Easter eggs for 2021, and all Brits have equal concerns for the adorable new chocolate egg, Walter the Sausage Dog.

Walter is the cutest little sausage dog you are likely to ever see.

The box says it is “paw-like delicious” and that is exactly what gets the British going.

Dozens of Brits had the same concern when they posted a picture of Walter on NewFoodsUK.

Walter the Sausage Dog Easter egg shares chocolate fans (Credit: M&S)

What did the British say about the new M&S Easter eggs?

The British seem pretty concerned about being in Walter, it has to be said.

While the milk chocolate dog-shaped offering is undoubtedly delicious, many have said they’d feel bad devouring it!

“I’m not sure I want to eat it!” screamed one.

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“I would feel like I was eating fin,” said another of her pet pooch.

How can you break it open and eat it ?!

“It’s too cute to eat,” said another.

“How can you break it open and eat it ?!” said another with the crying emoji.

“It’s Ollie,” said another, tagging a sausage dog owner.

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“Ah man, I couldn’t eat it!” came the answer.

Other chocoholics, however, seemed more than happy to interfere.

“Think I have to get one!” one M&S food fan explained.

“Do you want to go to Marks & Spencer NOW!” said another.

“Oh dear God! I have to find one!” Said a third.

If you feel the same way, you can now pick up your own Walter at the store.

The hollow, dog-shaped milk chocolate Easter egg costs fiver.

Sausage dog easter egg
Walter is ‘pawsitively delicious’ Credit: Instagram / NewFoodsUK)

What else is there in the M & S Food Easter range?

There are a number of other goodies in the range, including a white chocolate Easter bunny and a milk chocolate koala.

Our hearts, however, belong to the giant chocolate Percy pig.

He is made of pink chocolate and wears shorts decorated with colorful hundreds and thousands.

He is much bigger than Walter and as such a bit more expensive.

You can buy the giant Percy Pig Easter Egg in the store now for £ 10.

Percy Pig Easter Egg
There’s an egg for Percy fans too (Credit: M&S)

When is Easter this year?

It will be a few more months before you can crack your Easter eggs.

Good Friday falls on April 2nd, while Easter Sunday falls on April 4th of this year.

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