Brits are demanding that Matt Hancock be “cheated” into being fired for “affair” with an aide

The British are demanding that Matt Hancock be “cheated” after being seen kissing his aide on CCTV.

The health secretary – who has already been labeled “useless” in news from Boris Johnson – appears to have been caught kissing Gina Coladangelo, 43, outside his Whitehall office.

Hancock has now been accused of having an affair with the mother of three, with the CCTV smooch allegedly taking place on May 6 – two weeks before the British were told it was okay to hug.

Brits urge Matt Hancock to be sacked on fraud allegations (Image Credit: Splash News)

Is Matt Hancock Married?

He actually is – and he has children.

Hancock, 42, has been married to Ms. Martha, 44, for 15 years.

They have a daughter and two sons, their youngest child was born in 2013 and is therefore around eight years old.

This morning (June 25), Martha left the family home looking sad and upset, but wearing her wedding ring.

Matt Hancock cheating: Minister of Health caught kissing the helper
The MP is married with three children (Image credit: Splash News)

Who is Gina Coladangelo?

She is the communications director and lobbyist, and Hancock’s closest assistant.

He hired her last year with taxpayers ’money.

She is the wife of Oliver Bonas founder Oliver Tress.

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The sun claims the couple had an affair and it was “the department’s conversation”.

It is not known if the couple seen in a hot embrace are still in a relationship.

A friend of Hancock commented, “He has no comment on personal matters. No rules were broken. “

What did the British say about the fraud allegations against Hancock?

Well, they are not happy – to say the least, with demands for his “release”.

His job is allegedly at stake and pending.

And the British seem certain of the result that they would like to see.

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One said, “I dof Matt Hancock hasn’t been for that bag because he was pretty horrible at his job and then having an affair in the middle of a pandemic when he told us we couldn’t even hug our loved ones if that was the icing on the cake. “

Another asked the Prime Minister: “@BorisJohnson what will it take for you bag Frosted Hancock? “

That would be the perfect scenario HancockHis wife would leave him, Boris Johnson would bag he and he would end up on I’m A Celebrity.

“I just want to see this guy squirm, acknowledge his mistakes, and eat some bull testicles!” Another quipped.

Will Matt Hancock be fired?

However, one said they didn’t think Hancock would lose his job – and explained their reasons.

Only Boris can bag he and he can’t, can he with his files in the office and elsewhere? In my opinion Hancock is pretty safe, “they said.

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