Brits praise retailers who offer email opt-out services

The British have praised retailers ahead of Mother’s Day 2021 for offering the option to opt out of potentially disruptive Mother’s Day marketing emails.

Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, March 14th of this year, and it is often an exciting occasion for people who have either lost their mothers or are struggling to become mothers themselves.

In most cases, the deluge of emails arriving in your inbox before Mother Sunday leads to tears, trauma and a refreshing sense of sadness.

But more and more retailers are realizing this could be the case and are now offering an opt-out service for their Mother’s Day emails.

Mother’s Day is not for everyone and retailers are recognizing it (Credit: Pexels).

What did retailers say about Mother’s Day 2021?

Many retailers have emailed these on their mailing lists to see if they would like to receive emails about gifts, flowers, and Mother’s Day cards.

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Shops such as Boots, Tesco, Thortful, Waitrose, Oliver Bonas, The Body Shop and Marks & Spencer offer an opt-out service, among others.

I’m really rating how many companies / brands have emailed asking if I want to reject from mothers Day Emails – yes, thank you!

In most cases, all you have to do is click on a link in the email and you will no longer receive any emails on the occasion.

Coffee and macaroons for mothers day
Those who lost their mother have praised the new opt-out emails (Credit: Pexels)

What did the British say about the emails?

The opt-out emails were widely praised by the British.

On Twitter one wrote: “I received an email from @dorthful ask if I wanted to reject from mothers Day Email, as they realize, can be difficult for some.

“Can I just say how much I value companies that really think about it? Such an amazing gesture that goes a long way. “

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Another agreed and said: “I am really rating how many companies / brands have emailed asking if I want to reject from mothers Day Emails – yes, thank you!

“Some were @ Tesco @NeomOrganics @dorthful. Appreciate companies that think of those who don’t have theirs Mothers to celebrate with. “

Ask card companies if you’d like reject from mothers Day Promotions are the most thoughtful marketing update I’ve seen in years, ”commented another.

So is anyone against the idea?

Some have said that the opt-out emails are all well and good.

However, it is still painful to have “a dozen” emails reminding them that Mother’s Day is approaching.

One woman said, “Companies offer this opportunity reject from mothers Day Emails are great, but it means I still had a dozen emails with this service reminding me mothers Day comes if I otherwise had let it happen in blissful ignorance.

“It’s a no-win situation I see.”

Another added: “I understand why companies email me if I want to reject from mothers Day Emails. But just like that, they emailed me asking me about it … rather to thwart the purpose? “

Others wondered if the opt-out could last a lifetime instead of asking another email the next year.

“Please make it permanent and don’t ask every year,” said one. “She’s not coming back from the dead.”

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