Call The Midwife Season 10 Finale Acclaimed For Down Syndrome Storyline

The season 10 finale of Call The Midwife left viewers in tears over a heartbreaking story about Down syndrome.

The episode followed mother Blanche Dellow, who was ready to give her baby to her infertile sister Sylvia.

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When Blanche, who had several older children, gave birth to a child, her son was diagnosed with Down syndrome.

Sylvia canceled the adoption, but Blanche fell in love with her baby and decided to keep her.

The cute baby was rejected by his future adoptive mother (Credit: BBC)

What did Doctor Turner say?

The episode treated the subject sensitively, with Doctor Turner insisting that the baby’s condition be referred to as Down syndrome – instead of the illiterate insults often used in the 60s.

Reggie Jackson, who also has Down syndrome, once visited the baby at home.

He was excited to meet him and said, “Awww, I like his face.”

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And then he went for a walk with the baby and pushed his stroller.

Viewers flocked to Twitter to share how moving they found the plot.

Many said they had tears in their eyes – but ultimately those were tears of joy over the happy ending.

One viewer tweeted, “I’m crying and checking Twitter for #CallTheMidwife. All the people who say thank you for the positive Down syndrome story. Therefore, stories that are on television should represent as many different people as possible. It is important.”

Call the midwife Reggie
Reggie was thrilled to meet the dead (Credit: BBC)

Another viewer commented, “#CalltheMidwife A heartbreaking episode to wrap up the tenth series. Children with Down syndrome are the most gifted and loving children I have met in my life in London and Lancashire. “

A third viewer said: “After 2 hours of #CallTheMidwife totally broken. The series finale was wonderful and I love Reggie. “

A fourth viewer revealed: “#CallTheMidwife, I’m destroyed. Reggie pushing the stroller broke me. Congratulations to everyone who was involved in the show. It only goes from strength to strength. “

A fifth user said, “I’m crying now. Reggie is allowed to push a stroller. The little baby gets his silver mug #CallTheMidwife. “

Actor Daniel Laurie said the episode was “very special” for him

Actor Daniel Laurie, who plays Reggie, tweeted, “A wonderful performance from Nate, a fantastic little actor! Today’s episode of @ CallTheMidwife1 was very special and emotional for me. I hope you found it as heartwarming as I did. “

And director Thomas Hescott tweeted, “It’s so nice to see all of the wonderful #CallTheMidwife news for last night’s episode. I was so proud to tell a positive story about Down syndrome and it is good to see so many people responded to it with love. “

Call the midwife, baby
Dr. Turner diagnosed the newborn with Down syndrome (Image: BBC)

Will there be a series 11 of Call The Midwife?

Although Call The Midwife’s tenth series has only just ended, the show isn’t over yet.

Far from it, in fact. There will be a series 11 of Call The Midwife.

And the BBC has confirmed that the show will run until at least 2024.

Series 11 does not yet have an official start date.

However, he predicts that it will start broadcasting in January 2022 after the traditional Christmas special.

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