Cameron plans to escape when the walls close

Holby City spoilers reveal that Louis and Ange are fighting for their lives on Tuesday, March 23rd.

It’s a night shift in Holby and the atmosphere is creepy. After last week’s shocking knife stab, Louis lies unconscious in a pool of blood.

Holby City Spoiler: Louis is operated on immediately

Fortunately, he was found on time, but the fight to save his life soon begins.

While Sacha tries to keep Louis alive, Max waits to find out something about her son. She is determined to find out why he was attacked.

Will Louis be okay?

Max discovers that Louis has been stabbed (Image credit: BBC)

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Meanwhile, Cameron is still trapping Ange in another part of the hospital.

After trying to grab her cell phone, she falls to the ground and appears to be passed out. But when Cameron comes back, Ange tries to get ready for him.

Will she be able to get away from him or will Cameron be able to stop her?

Chloe and Fletch have a plan

Meanwhile, Chloe is still trying desperately to find her mother, as she has been missing for a few days.

Chloe is determined to find Ange (Image credit: BBC)

She is even more convinced that Cameron did something terrible to her, but she still finds it difficult to get her coworkers to take her seriously.

Lucky is on Chloe’s side, however, and they trick Fletch into luring Cameron into a trap. But will he fall for the bait?

Fletch agrees to trap Cameron (Credit: BBC)

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Nicky is excited to feel her and Cameron’s baby kicking for the first time. But if the suspicion of Cameron grows, will she realize he has a sinister side?

And if a desperate Cameron needs your help, will she stand by him?

Can he lean out of Holby?

Holby City will air on BBC One at 8:20 p.m. tonight.

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