Can you apply and how much are the stars paid?

How do you apply to Gogglebox?

Can you audition And how much are gogglebox stars paid?

Find out if you can become a gogglebox celebrity by reading on …

How do I apply to Gogglebox?

The application process for the goggle box is puzzling.

According to Channel 4, there is no public application process.

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A spokesperson even said last year, “We are not currently in the casting and there is no way to apply to Gogglebox.”

Instead, it is rumored that Channel 4 talent scouts are scouring the country for charismatic and dynamic families.

We can only predict that executives will visit pubs and other community hubs in search of the next star family.

Given the various bans over the past year, this may have turned out to be a challenge for the broadcaster.

Even so, the station added a few new families over the past year, including the Baggs.

Are gogglebox stars auditioned to be on the show?

Again, Channel 4 is excited to see how they make a final casting decision.

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Screen testing and focus group responses could be part of the process – but the network has yet to evolve.

However, former stars Steph and Dom revealed a little about what it was like to join first.

Could you be the next gogglebox star? (Credit: Channel 4)

Speak with Hi!Steph said she and Dom were “in” as they had previously appeared on another Channel 4 show.

She explained, “I think things have changed now, but when it started the principle was that they looked for people who didn’t want to be special on TV and we didn’t want to be special on TV.

“I think things have changed now, but it’s done by the same people who made Four in a Bed and they just called us and asked us! And the rest is history! “

How Much Are Gogglebox Stars Paid?

Stars reportedly get £ 1,500 a month – per family.

This amount does not appear to change regardless of how many people live in a house or family.

Channel 4 leaves the division to the actors involved.

Malone family on goggle box
The Malone Family on Gogglebox (Image credit: Channel 4)

The broadcaster also often offers one free snack per filming session.

While it’s not bad money just watching TV, it’s not enough for families to quit their day jobs.

This is likely a conscious move by the broadcaster as they want to fill real people with real jobs.

Who is the richest goggle box star yet?

The most successful goggle box star to date is Scarlett Moffatt.

Her whole family got booted from the show in 2016 when she took part in I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!

Fortunately, the move paid off as she not only won the series, but went on various endeavors – some of which involved her family as well.

Scarlett Moffatt
Scarlett made a pretty penny (Credit: SplashNews)

From February 2021 it is value an estimated 1 million pounds.

However, she recently announced that she had lost £ 50,000 due to her mother’s addiction to online gambling.

When is Gogglebox next time?

Gogglebox continues on Channel 4 on Fridays at 9 p.m.

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