Captain Sir Tom Moore has died at the age of 100 after battling the coronavirus


Captain Sir Tom Moore has died after battling the coronavirus in hospital.

The war veteran, 100, was hospitalized Sunday after testing positive for the virus.

Unfortunately, the fundraising hero has now passed away and honors have been received on social media.

Sir Captain Tom Moore
Sir Tom Moore has died at the age of 100 (Photo credit:

Captain Sir Tom Moore dies at the age of 100

A photo was posted on Sir Tom’s Twitter page that said, “Captain Sir Tom Moore. 1920-2021. ”

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Honors have been received for the star who raised over 30 million for the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic.

Piers Morgan wrote: “RIP Captain Sir Tom Moore, 100. A great man. A national hero.

Honors pour in

“In our darkest hour since World War II, he brought Britain together with his resilience, courage and optimism.

“Let’s all heed his mantra in our own lives: ‘Tomorrow will be a good day. ‘Thanks, Tom. “

Gary Lineker tweeted, “How terribly sad: Captain Sir Tom Moore has passed away. What an extraordinary life with the most beautiful finale of the last year. A national treasure and a hero. REST IN PEACE.”

It comes after his daughter confirms he was hospitalized over the weekend.

The statement read: “He has been treated for pneumonia for the past few weeks and tested positive for COVID-19 last week.

“He was at our house to this day when he needed extra help with breathing.”

Captain Tom was hospitalized on Sunday (Photo credit: w8media /

She added, “He’s being treated in a ward even though he’s not in the intensive care unit.”

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