Captain Tom Moore’s daughter admits that trolling “broke his heart”.

Captain Sir Tom Moore’s daughter, Hannah, spoke for the first time since her father died at the age of 100.

The World War II hero died after battling the coronavirus earlier this month.

Just a month before his death, over Christmas, Captain Tom visited Barbados – a trip that was on his bucket list.

It was also a public holiday that caused controversy.

And Hannah revealed that she didn’t tell her beloved father about the cruel comments made by trolls because it “broke his heart”.

Captain Sir Tom Moore passed away earlier this month and daughter Hannah has now paid an emotional tribute (Credit: Splash News)

What did Captain Sir Tom Moore’s daughter say?

Captain Tom’s daughter Hannah Ingram-Moore will be seen at the BBC Breakfast on Wednesday February 17th.

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Hannah spoke about their last family vacation together in a taped interview and stated that it was “amazing”.

She said, “It was just amazing, he was sitting outside in 29 degrees, he was reading two novels, he was reading the papers every day and we were sitting and we talked as a family, we went to restaurants – because we could there – and he ate fish on the beach and what a wonderful thing to do.

“I think we were all so pleased that we managed to give this to him,” she added.

Captain Tom and his family
Captain Tom with his family including daughter Hannah (Credit: Splash News)

“It would have broken his heart”

What Hannah was not happy about, however, were the gruesome comments directed towards Captain Tom during his fundraising trip.

“I think it would honestly have broken his heart if we had told him that people hate us. I couldn’t tell him.

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“How can you explain to a 100-year-old man that something so incredibly good can cause so much horror?

“So we locked it in the four of us and said we weren’t going to play against that hideous minority, we weren’t going to play against them,” she added.

I think he would honestly have been heartbroken if we had told him that people hate us. I couldn’t tell him.

Hannah also revealed her father’s last moments and the last conversation she had with him.

“I think when he went to the hospital we really all believed he would come out,” she said.

“We thought the oxygen would help make it robust enough [but] The truth is, he just wasn’t. He was old and just couldn’t fight it. “

Your last conversation with Captain Tom

Hannah added, “I’ve been telling him for the past few days what do you want to eat when you get home, and we’ve decided it’s steak and chips.

“He was very excited to get steak and chips and bring his frame back outside and his walker.

“The last real conversation was positive and it was about moving on and this is a nice place,” she said.

Hannah paid tribute to her father and concluded, “We have lost a large part of our lives. Every time I walk through a door I expect to hear or see him.

“But the legacy is hope and joy. Let us not lose sight of the fact that for him everything is about tomorrow. It will be a good day and full of hope and no need to sit and grieve for too long. Go on. And do a good job of it, ”she added.

Watch the full interview tomorrow morning, Wednesday February 17, over the BBC Breakfast at 8:10 a.m. on BBC One.

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