Carl Woods names and shames trolls after saying he is being abused on a daily basis

Carl Woods attacked a troll after claiming he had been molested online almost constantly since dating his girlfriend Katie Price.

The one-time Love Island star, 31, shared an abusive online message he received on Instagram.

In it the user says: “What an absolute [bleep] You’re!! And your wife is old [bleep]! ”

Carl went on to tag the user’s suspected employer, writing, “This is the guy you have by your name? Really?”

He then claimed to have been blocked by the user.

Carl Woods isn’t afraid to stand up to trolls (Credit: SplashNews)

Carl is very loyal to Katie

It happened after Carl said on YouTube that he has been inundated with online abuse since teaming up with former glamor model Katie, 42, this year.

Carl said to Katie’s daughter Princess, 13: “It’s hard. I always get wound up … where like you [Katie] are always like ‘don’t even read, don’t even read’. “

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Before I explain, “The abuse I get just because I have your mother as my girlfriend is ridiculous.

“It is absolutely incessant. Every day. Terrible stuff – I think if you don’t just ignore it and get resilient – it will literally eat you alive. “

Finally he said, “I’ve never known anything like this before.”

Carl Woods and Katie Price in their latest YouTube video
Carl has defended his girlfriend Katie many times online (Credit: YouTube)

One user said he should be shot.

He has called and even told trolls on Instagram many times The sun The latter said he should be shot.

Carl told the newspaper, “I was trolled [bleep] and had the most terrible things in my inbox and said about me just because I got a girlfriend.

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“I was told I should have been shot.

“I recently lost a family member and I was told that they would be ashamed of me if they could see that I was with Katie.”

Katie Price found the one with Carl Woods
Katie Price says she found ‘the’ with Carl Woods (Image credit: YouTube)

Katie and Carl have been together for about seven months now.

They claim to have never been a day apart and even have their faces tattooed on their forearms.

In fact, Katie says she hopes to have a baby with Carl who would be their sixth child.

By now Carl had said he was going to propose to Katie, but when she least expected it.

I will speak to you again The sunCarl explained, “She asks me every day when I will make a suggestion, but that is never expected. It will be when she has no idea.

Before I add, “I know what I’m going to do – it is planned and she is going to cry.”

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