Carl Woods shows off a new tattoo that looks just like Katie

Carl Woods showed off a new tattoo, and it looks suspiciously like the face of fiancé Katie Price.

The 31-year-old former reality star is in Turkey handling some of his own business while Katie recovered from a reported liposuction.

And then he decided to do another tattoo on top of the existing ones.

Carl decided to get the tattoo while he was in Turkey (Credit: Instagram)

What tattoo did Carl Woods get and did it look like Katie Price?

Carl took up his Instagram stories and decided to head into a living room after walking past it with his social media agent Chris.

He said, “Coincidentally! Walked down the street with Chris, saw the tattoo parlor and said, ‘Let’s get a tattoo buddy’ and now I’m getting half a sleeve done.

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He then showed a series of videos showing the artist in action, grimacing as the needle on his arm did its work.

Carl Woods Katie Price Tattoo
The tattoo looked suspiciously like Katie’s face (Credit: Instagram)

What did the design show?

Carl also showed his followers the design he had tattooed on his arm.

The design showed a woman’s face with one hand in front of it.

It also featured a half-meat and half-skeleton design with a rose on the bottom.

Mostly black and white, only two piercing green eyes were colored.

However, the fiancée’s face looked very much like Katie, something that would not be unusual.

In October 2020, the couple in love revealed matching tattoos on each other’s faces.

Carl Woods Katie Price Tattoo
Katie apparently had liposuction (Credit: Instagram)

What is Katie doing in Turkey?

Carl and Katie are in Turkey (again) because Katie is reportedly having liposuction to try to shift the lockdown weight she gained.

After the procedure, she showed her legs in compression tights on Instagram.

She has given the picture a title: “Trooper”.

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Last month, the mother of five revealed in Steph’s packed lunch that she wanted to throw two stones in it before starting a round of IVF.

“I just want to shift some weight before we do so so that I can have an operation,” she told host Steph McGovern.

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