Carla Connor leaves the fans emotional about Peter reunion

Coronation Street fans were emotional last night after Carla Connor and Peter Barlow reunited.

The businesswoman decided against a dirty weekend with her ex Lucas to stay on the cobblestones with alcoholic Peter.

Despite everything, Carla Connor chose Peter (Credit: ITV)

Lucas came from Devon to reconnect with Carla and offer Underworld a deal.

But when Peter attacks Carla and insists he doesn’t want her back, he pushed her over to Lucas.

And when Lucas offered her a weekend together for them, Carla looked like she was going to leave.

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Lucas drew her attention to the death of his drug addict and said he regretted it.

He said to her, “I regret being brutally honest with you.

“I wasted five years of my life, maybe more hoping that she would change. We don’t have to do anything you don’t want.

Coronation Street Lucas
Lucas came for Carla (Photo credit: ITV)

“Let’s just look at the view and make each other laugh – you need that. You can’t live your life for other people, Carla. Come on.”

With that, Carla took him off to get on the tram to her little refuge.

However, as fans lost hope that Peter had lost Carla forever, there was a turn in the works.

When Peter Daniel groaned about how he’d lost it all, he was emotional.

“It’s pride,” he said.

“I’m too proud to let Carla back in, even if it kills me. Only as long as it punishes them. I should have forgiven her, it’s too late now. “

But when Peter started crying, Carla appeared at the gate.

She said to him: “It is not too late. It is not too late.”

She told Peter it wasn’t too late for her (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street fans tearfully as Carla Connor forgives Peter Barlow

The scenes left viewers in tears over the couple’s reunion.

One said, “I cried about it tonight. I am so glad she came back. “

One second said, “Yes, yes, oh god, my heart. I’ve seen this 6 times. What a turning point. “

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A third said, “Carla and Peter have my heart in pain. They are so in love.”

Fans shouldn’t be too happy, however – as actor Glenn Wallace stays on the cobblestones.

He will appear on the streets in the coming months. But will it mean trouble for Peter and Carla?

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