Caroline Flack’s death: The late star’s mother shows regret

Caroline Flack’s mother shares her regrets about missed opportunities in an upcoming Channel 4 documentary about the death of the late TV star.

In a new preview of the program, an emotional Christine Flack reflects on times that she could not spend with her daughter.

Love Island’s 40-year-old hostess Caroline committed suicide in February 2020.

Christine Flack reads an old Mother’s Day card from Caroline (Photo credit: Kanal 4)

“Mom you are the best”

The short clip shows Christine looking at a Mother’s Day card that she had received from Caroline over the past few years.

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The message in it reads: “Mom you are the best Sorry, I can’t be there. Happy Mother’s Day, all my dear Carrie. “

Christine then explains her sense of frustration at how often life got in the way of spending time together.

She also holds back tears as she ponders how her job prevented them from going away together.

Caroline Flack death: The mother of the late star Christine shows regret
Christine Flack and daughter Jody reflect on Caroline’s tragic death in the upcoming documentary (Credit: Channel 4)

Caroline Flack death: what did her mother say about them spending time together?

Christine says: “She always said to me: ‘Oh, I booked this mother, are you coming? Come with me.’ Or: “We will go here, we will go there.”

“And I would say, ‘Oh, I have to work. ‘And I had to work. “

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Christine struggles to get her words out and seems to regret those lost times that can now never be replaced.

She continues, “And I was like, ‘Oh, you know that you just shouldn’t do it?

“And you should just do it, right?”

Caroline Flack death: The mother of the late star Christine shows regret
Caroline died in February 2020 at the age of 40 (Photo credit:

Caroline Flack’s battle for mental health

Earlier this month, it was reported that Christine was talking about how Caroline previously tried to commit suicide in the documentary.

According to the Daily mail, Christine says, “She was in a long relationship when she was in Cambridge but that ended and then we got a call, she took some pills, she was in the hospital and then you realized it wasn’t right, hers Reaction was not is not right.

“Yeah, she didn’t handle heartache well.”

You should just do it right?

Caroline’s sister Jody adds: “It feels so weird to talk about it because I know she never wanted anyone to know.

“Every serious friend has taken a lot of pills, drank a lot and often got into an A&E situation. She really didn’t think she could handle this feeling so she tried to control it. “

Caroline Flack: Her Life and Death will air on March 17th at 9 p.m. on Channel 4.

If you are struggling with your sanity, turn to the Samaritans on-line or call 116 123 toll free from any phone.


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