Cat Deeley will host the show next week as it brings back British television

Cat Deeley has announced that she will host Lorraine next week when she makes her comeback on British television.

This is the star’s first solo performance role in the UK in 14 years.

In a statement, the 44-year-old star admitted she’s “so happy to be back on ITV” and can’t wait to greet “some old friends on the air” while Lorraine Kelly takes an Easter break.

But when Cat appeared on the show via video call today, she admitted she was a little scared.

Cat will be hosting Lorraine next week (Photo Credit: Birdie Thompson / AdMedia /

What did Cat Deeley say about hosting Lorraine?

To speak to Mirror, Cat said, “Lorraine kindly entrusted me with her show while she is on hiatus over Easter.

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“I’m so happy to be back at ITV in the coming week and look forward to meeting some of the people I have wanted to interview at some point, as well as welcoming old friends on the air.”

Cat said she was “so happy” to be back on ITV (Photo Credit: FSadou / AdMedia /

Lorraine editor Victoria Kennedy also added: “Next week, the beautiful Cat Deeley will take over the helm of Lorraine and give viewers at home the much-needed Easter treat.

“As a big fan of SMTV, I’m more than a little enthusiastic. And of course we look forward to welcoming Ranvir again.

“We have a great lineup of Easter guests joining us.”

The second week of Lorraine’s break will be hosted by Good Morning’s UK host Ranvir Singh.

I am so happy to be back at ITV for the week ahead.

On Thursday in Lorraine (April 1st), Cat was on the program to confirm her stay.

She said, “I hope I’m half as good as you Lorraine. I am a little scared.

Cat Deeley in Lorraine
Cat admitted she was a little scared (Credit: ITV)

“I haven’t been properly dressed from the waist down since my goodness knew when.”

Meanwhile, Lorraine revealed that all Cat asked for in her locker room was “strong coffee” and a bunch of bananas.

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Viewers shared their thoughts on Twitter when one person said, “I like Cat, she is down to earth. “

However, others weren’t happy when one tweeted, “No, no, no.”

Another said: “Are you waiting, Cat Deeley on the show? #Lorraine is it an april fool’s joke? (Please be April Fool’s joke). “

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