As in-person classes resume, colleges shouldn’t lose steam on faculty training

Inara Scott is the assistant dean for teaching and learning excellence in the College of Business at Oregon State University. Across the country, colleges and universities are announcing plans to turn off their Zoom screens and invite professors and students back to lecture halls and labs. But that does not mean higher education has to … Read more

Top 4 risks of underfunding your college’s IT department

Determining how much to fund their school’s IT departments is a big issue facing higher ed leaders. Even before COVID-19, colleges and universities were feeling the pinch to reduce IT costs to decrease strain on their budgets. However, as institutional leaders consider their options for long-term sustainability, they must stop thinking about their IT departments … Read more

Sustainable enrollment growth in online nursing and healthcare programs

Like many university administrators across the country, Nancy Schreiber, Provost and VPAA of Salve Regina University, faced a tough decision around an underperforming program. Her options were fairly straightforward: shutter the RN-BSN program or go online in order to compete. After extensive deliberation, she felt the best path was moving online. She decided to partner … Read more

College transfer enrollment still lagging this spring, survey says

Dive Brief: Sliding transfer enrollment detected this past fall continued into the spring and is 7.9% behind year-ago levels, according to new data from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. It is based on three-quarters of its reporting colleges. Community colleges saw an even greater drop, at 15.2%, while public four-year college transfer enrollment held … Read more

How colleges can help undocumented students get the coronavirus vaccine

Dive Brief:  Many states have lifted eligibility restrictions for the coronavirus vaccine, but some unauthorized immigrants are encountering barriers to getting their shots, according to several media reports. Colleges should take steps to ensure these hurdles don’t prevent unauthorized students from getting vaccinated, such as sharing information with students about policies at nearby pharmacies and … Read more

Biden’s $103B budget proposal for the Ed Dept would boost Pell, MSI funding

Dive Brief: President Joe Biden’s discretionary spending plan unveiled Friday would send nearly $103 billion to the U.S. Department of Education, with a big boost to the maximum federal Pell Grant award and new funding for minority-serving institutions.  The proposal increases the department’s allocation by more than 40% over the fiscal 2021 budget. It includes … Read more

Florida lawmakers pass bill requiring ‘viewpoint diversity’ survey at public colleges

Dive Brief: Florida’s legislature this week approved a bill requiring the state’s public colleges to administer a yearly survey gauging how comfortable students, faculty and staff are expressing their views and beliefs on campus. It contains other contentious provisions, including that students would be allowed to record instructors’ lectures for potential use in a civil … Read more

Tennessee may owe its public HBCU up to $544M

Dive Brief:  Tennessee may owe its public historically Black university up to $544 million due to chronic underfunding, according to a state legislative analysis. The audit found the state didn’t properly match federal land-grant funds to Tennessee State for decades, and some lawmakers are pushing to make up for the shortfall, according to local media … Read more