Johnny returns home from prison

Coronation Street spoilers reveal that Johnny is returning home from prison. But his return is a shock. In the next week’s scenes, Ed returns from Birmingham and is at a loss to find that his RV is gone. How will he react when he finds out what Ronnie did with it? Ronnie suggests Jenny come … Read more

Alina and Tyrone make a big decision

Coronation Street spoilers reveal that Alina and Tyrone are taking the next step in their relationship and planning to buy the salon apartment together. Recently, Tyrone left his fiancée Fiz because he loved Alina. Tyrone lived with Alina in the salon apartment where she lives with Emma. This week Emma and Alina were devastated to … Read more

The director of Bole Chudiyan, Shamas Siddiqui, resumes work after a nose operation and thanks the audience

Director Shamas Nawab Siddiqui, who had just undergone serious nose surgery in Dubai, recalls the time he woke up in the hospital bed to rave reviews of Bole Chudiyan’s music. He was absolutely overwhelmed and emotional. He also thanked the producers and the rest of the cast and crew for their trust in his vision. … Read more