Catherine Tyldesley slams the news that the COVID jab is “safe” for use in children

Viewpoint star Catherine Tyldesley drew attention to the news that the Pfizer vaccine is safe in 12-15 year olds.

It was announced today that the drug is approved for use in young teenagers.

It is considered “safe and effective” when it comes to protecting against COVID-19.

However, it doesn’t look like single mother Catherine is fully on board with the idea of ​​vaccinating children with the COVID vaccine.

Catherine Tyldesley Strikes As Pfizer Vaccine Is Considered Safe For Use In Children (Image Credit: Splash News)

What did Catherine Tyldesley say about the COVID vaccine?

Catherine replied to a tweet from Kate Silverton.

It quoted a BBC article relaying the news that the vaccine had been approved for use in adolescents.

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Kate said, “My question is, how do we know it’s ‘safe and effective’ for children when there isn’t long-term safety data?”

Children DO NOT die of COVID … it’s outrageous to say it’s “safe”.

Catherine quoted the tweet and replied, “Right !! They do not know! No data = no knowledge. “

She added, “It is worth looking at the deaths and injuries to child lawsuits in the United States. Children DO NOT die of COVID … it’s outrageous to say it’s ‘safe’. “

Catherine has a six year old son, Alfie, with her husband Tom Pitfield.

What did Catherine’s fans say?

By and large, Catherine’s fans agreed with her feelings.

One said, “You approved this without a glaring bit of data, the long-term health effects that most half-brained people think are very, very important when they give our children an injection.”

Another added: “Many Thanks @Cath_Tyldesley to speak. As a parent, I’m afraid they will override consent and give my boy an injection. We have to stop that. “

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A third said: “Thank you and keep it up. I’m making a list of celebs who took a stand during this time and I will only support their work. Everyone should do the same. Ps the list is pretty short. “

Others admitted that they “totally agree” with what Catherine posted.

“Thanks for highlighting this Catherine, we need more courage to say something.

“It is ridiculous to vaccinate children when the risk to them is so low. It almost feels like it’s more about profit than health for big drug companies, ”said another.

“Come on girls,” said another. “Let us protect our freedoms and children!”

Catherine Tyldesley in the vaccination series
However, some attacked Catherine (Image Credit: Splash News)

“Stick with acting – you’re not a scientist”

Not all of them agreed with Catherine, however, and one follower called her an “idiot”.

They said, “Oh, keep acting, you idiot! You know nothing! You are an actor, not a scientist! “

Another pointed out that regulators had conducted studies on children in the age group and it was safe.

They said, “You looked at studies in this age group. Several health officials have come to the same conclusion, it’s safe.

“The results of clinical studies are there for you to read.”

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