CBFC assumes that no real filmmaker is trying to hurt anyone with his films: Chairman Prasoon Joshi

Go for inspiration instead of just doing what you like. This is what renowned copywriter and chairman of CBFC Prasoon Joshi has to say to aspiring artists who want to change the world through cinema. “If I have a choice between writing something I like or writing something that inspires people, I will no doubt choose the latter. It’s about being society-centered instead of being self-centered. ”Shri Joshi said this at a masterclass on filmmaking that is on the verge of 52

Shri Joshi describes his style of filmmaking as that of a viewer who looks at things from a certain angle and remains authentic.

The artist praised the festival for honoring and supporting budding artists through the 75 Creative Minds of Tomorrow competition, which was launched as part of the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav. As a member of the grand jury of the competition, he was of the opinion that the diversity was below

Shri Joshi was awarded the Indian Film Personality of the Year Award 2021 together with Hema Malini. While Hema Malini was presented with the award at the opening ceremony of the festival yesterday, Shri Joshi will receive the award at the closing ceremony on November 28, 2021.

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Shri Joshi spoke of the need to eradicate the notion that success in the film sector is a matter of chance. “The random factor in filmmaking should be reduced. This will happen when we start making films by design, not by default. Filmmaking is serious business with the potential to do business to large numbers of people, so we should try to eradicate the image of filmmaking as a game of chance. “

Shri Prasoon Joshi stressed the need for adequate focus on both the practical and the artistic aspects of filmmaking. He cited the example of the famous music director AR Rahman, who he believes is familiar with both the art and technology of the music industry.

Regarding the trend of iconoclastic films becoming popular, Shri Joshi said that there is a need to highlight the positive aspects of society as well. “There is beauty in the sculpting tradition and in the belief that it is necessary to also depict the positive things in society.” He cited the example of a mother who sacrifices many of her longings and desires and thereby restricts her self-expression so that her offspring are not affected Suffers from diseases. “To say that only those films that challenge popular belief are successful is oversimplifying the truth.

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While speaking of the power of words, Shri Joshi said that words embody culture. The term darshan used for philosophy is not entirely correct as it contains firsthand truth that may be lacking in philosophy.

Regarding CBFC’s approach, he said the board believes in resolving disputes through deliberation. “We assume that no real filmmaker wants his films to hurt anyone. We try not to judge, we believe that film certifiers are also co-creators of the film, as they try to involve the voices of society. “

When asked by Maharashtras Ajay Kantule, one of the winners of the 75 Creative Minds of Tomorrow, the veteran replied that being connected to your roots allows you to maintain a balance between your spiritual and commercial needs.

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