Cehre and Bell Bottom are more than just films, they are a ray of hope for the cinemas!

The entertainment industry has been one of the hardest hit sectors in India for more than a year. When the Indian government announced a nationwide lockdown, it had a direct impact on people in the industry, be it the technical crew / spot boys, the theater staff and the teams working to keep us entertained. Although the simplicity of the COVID restriction allowed manufacturers to resume filming with the restriction on public gatherings, theaters in some states of India are still closed. Additionally, the cities or states where the theaters have reopened operate at only 50% occupancy.

With the arrangements for theater owners following the second lockdown, filmmakers like Chehre and Bell-Bottom took a step forward to help this sector. The release of these two films in theaters has encouraged theater owners and distributors to regain all their powers and get up again.

Anand Pandits Chehre was supposed to be released in 2019 and then in 2020, but due to several restrictions, the creators decided to postpone the release. Talks about a digital premiere of the film were rife, but the makers were ready to give their love work a theatrical release. Even Emraan Hashmi thought that it was the responsibility of the makers to stand firmly by the side of the distributors, and so the film was finally released in theaters recently.

With all the restrictions since March 2020, theater owners today have a smile on their faces as both Chehre and Bell Bottom have been released in theaters and are doing pretty well.

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