Celebrities share their best Janmashtami memories

Janmashtami, the birth of Lord Krishna, lovingly known as Kanha, is celebrated on August 30th this year. Looking back on their childhood, TV stars share some of their fondest memories of the festival.

For Mariam Khan Reporting Live Actress Sheena Bajaja, it’s a fun festival. “As a kid I always saw it as a fun festival, but because of this pandemic, it’s not safe if not everyone is vaccinated, but you can cook the good stuff. The best memory is when I took part in a Janmasthmi Pooja at a friend’s house. Lord Krishna was beautifully adorned with flowers, ”she said.

Bigg Boss 14 candidate Jasmine Bhasin wants to celebrate the festival in Mathura. “I grew up in Kota, Rajasthan. I’ve seen Dahi Handi a couple of times. One day I want to go to Mathura and celebrate Janmashtami there. I heard that the celebrations in Mathura and Vrindavan are huge. I would love to go and be there. Festive fervor always makes you happy, as it brings many positive things with it. I like to eat sweets like jalebi and laddoo, ”she said.

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Dhadkan Actor TV Show Rohit Purohit Laddos granted. “I saw the Dahi Handi celebration in Jaipur. We celebrated Dahi Handi at school. It used to be a lot of fun because I got a lot of Laadus to eat both at home and at school.

Kawach 2 actress Pranitaa Pandit likes to watch the Dahi Handi celebration in movies. “I believe that every festival is important and India is known for its festivals and cultures. In movies, I always like to watch Dahi Handi and Janmashtami celebrations. And one of my favorite songs is Mach Gaya Shor from the movie Khud-Daar.

For Choti Sarrdaarni actress Delnaaz Irani, it’s all about colors, music and fun. “I was a Parel Dadar girl. During this festival we saw people driving in trucks. There is a lot of music and colors. We have enjoyed this festival to the full since we lived in town. It’s not like we’re parsing, so we’re not celebrating. We celebrate it on a small scale.

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