Celebrity goggle box viewers urge Honey Ross to blink on the sofa

Celebrity gogglebox viewers urged newcomer Honey Ross to protect their modesty.

The 24-year-old model and fat activist made her debut on the popular Channel 4 show along with her famous father Jonathan Ross, boyfriend Zane Saz and brother Harvey.

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Although the family seemed familiar, some viewers were distracted by Honey’s dress.

As she snuggled up to Zane on her family’s huge couch, she barely missed exposing her underwear.

Unfortunate camera angles led some Celebrity Gogglebox viewers to urge Honey to be cautious.

Honey Ross on Celebrity Gogglebox with her partner, family and dogs (Credit: Channel 4)

What do viewers say about honey?

One viewer tweeted: “#HoneyRoss has to keep your legs closed on the #CelebrityGogglebox.”

While another viewer argued, “I just wish his daughter would keep her legs down. I don’t want to see the laundry next week! “

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And a third user, referring to the classic film Basic Instinct, said, “Jonathan Ross’ daughter channels Sharon Stone. #PromiGogglebox. “

Another user commented: “#CelebrityGogglebox I’ve always worried that we would see Jonathan Ross’ daughter’s panties – or worse. You think he’d advise you on camera angles, don’t you? “

However, many viewers also commented on how much they enjoyed having Honey and her family on the show.

Honey horse
Honey Ross looked very relaxed in front of the camera (Credit: Channel 4)

One viewer tweeted: “Jonathan Ross’ daughter Honey, who looks way prettier in real life than in the media, good family vibe #CelebrityGogglebox.”

O others were apparently confused by Ross’ massive, but apparently one-level sofa.

Some made fun of the way he looked – while others were impressed.

One user teased, “I saw #CelebrityGogglebox but I’m so sorry to see Jonathan Ross got into tough times and had to sell his furniture.

“Keep fighting Jonathan, we’re with you. #Gogglebox. “

Another user asked: “Why does Jonathan Ross look like he lives in one? Commune? #PromiGogglebox. “

But one user raved: “I love Jonathan Ross’ strange sofa thing. It looks super comfortable! #PromiGogglebox. “

Who is Honey Ross?

So who is Jonathan Ross’ daughter Honey?

She is a fat activist and supports body positivity. She also describes herself as a writer and podcaster.

After years of struggling to accept her weight and unhealthy diet, she is now accepting her natural beauty.

Speak with The sunshe explained, “Because I have a gut feeling, it seems like this is a big deal. I am really attractive. I am an attractive young woman who would like to enjoy my life and my body as my thin friends have always been allowed to. “

She also regularly posts revealing and solemn posts about her body on Instagram.

In May, she even posed completely naked with scriptwriter and actress Lena Dunham.

Here the caption was a long tribute to Lena that included: “She is and always will be a woman who holds an incredibly special place in my heart.

“We also both have identical bodies and the same specific type of arthritis. So if that’s nothing special, I don’t know what it is.”

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