Channel 4 Newsreader welcomes son and wife Precious

Channel 4 news anchor Jon Snow has had his first baby with his wife, Dr. Precious Lunga (46) welcomed.

Jon, 73, already has two older children with former partner Madeleine Colvin.

The new parents met on the Caribbean island of Mustique in 2001 and married in 2010.

Her newcomer was born on March 2, Jon said in a statement.

Jon Snow and his wife Precious have taken in a baby boy as a replacement (Image Credit: Richard Young / Shutterstock)

What did Jon Snow say about the new baby?

Channel 4 journalist Jon announced that a surrogate mother had carried the couple’s embryo after numerous miscarriages.

He said they felt “doubly blessed” to welcome the baby – a son – “into these challenging times.”

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Jon said, “In our desire to seal our 11-year marriage with a baby, my wife suffered numerous medical setbacks and miscarriages.

We will always be deeply grateful to our surrogate mother who gave birth to our embryo.

“As a result, we will always be deeply grateful to our surrogate mother who delivered our embryo.

“In these challenging times, we feel doubly blessed to be able to celebrate our happiness.”

What other details do we know about the baby?

Jon did not disclose the baby’s name or birth weight, nor did he share a picture of the dead – and we are unlikely to learn more details.

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He is known to be private about his personal life and has never disclosed details of his wedding to Precious, a Zimbabwean-born academic.

Jon simply said, “Yes, I got married, but I have absolutely no interest in discussing my personal life.”

Jon Snow and wife precious
The new parents met in 2001 and married in 2010 (Credit: Splash News)

How big is the age difference of the couple?

However, Jon has spoken about the couple’s age difference in the past.

Jon is 73 and Precious is 46 and there is an age difference of 26 years between them.

At the time of their marriage, when Precious would have been in her mid-thirties, Jon stated that her “spiritual age” was far older than his.

The newscaster added, “She’s somewhere in her forties. She is very, very mature. I mean, she’s a serious sucker. “

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