Channel 5’s Home and Away Teatime Show AXED in Shock Move


Home and Away has been removed from Channel 5 to make way for a new evening news hour.

The shock movement will result in the Aussie soap now only airing at lunchtime in the UK.

Home and Away was removed from its evening show (Credit: Channel 5)

Previously it was broadcast first at 1:15 p.m. and then again at 6 p.m., but no longer.

Australian Soap has fallen victim to Channel 5’s new nightly programming, which has been canceled.

Instead, a one-hour news bulletin is broadcast at 5 p.m., urging the neighbors to 6 p.m.

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It’s not all bad news for home and away fans, however.

After the evening broadcast has been discontinued, 5STAR will broadcast a first-look episode every evening at 6.30 p.m.

The news comes after reports that the soap is facing the ax after 31 years in their homeland.

How long has “Home and Away” been active?

The soap, which airs on Channel 5 in the UK and Channel Seven in Australia, first hit our screens in 1988 and featured a memorable theme tune and tons of lovable characters who lived in Summer Bay.

Alf and Ailsa Stewart, Marylin Palmer (Emily Symons), Donald Fisher, Kim Hyde (who was played by Chris Hemsworth) and Emma Jackson (Dannii Minogue) became household names in the UK and Down Under.

The show is said to be at risk from pressure on reviews of reality shows and other dramas.

Home and Away's Bella attacks Irene
Lynne McCranger slammed on the 2019 Reports (Credit: Channel 5)

Home and away ax rumors explained

The soap’s home channel, Channel Seven, is said to be “under pressure” to make changes to the schedule, but could cancel the soap entirely, the report said.

The soap, which will air at 7pm in Australia, competes against the popular reality show “Married At First Sight”.

However, the channel declined to comment on the 2019 reports.

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Actor Lynne McGranger – Irene Roberts for the fans – however, struck in the 2019 claims.

She insisted they were wrong, pointing out that the soap was five months ahead of her own shooting schedule.

Channel 5 was contacted for comment.

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