Charity leaving Emmerdale? Chas doesn’t want her in the village anymore

Charity has been in Emmerdale since March 2000. However, recent events have left her on the bad books of her family. Charity leaving Emmerdale?

Charity has pissed off her family for the past few months.

After cheating on her fiancée Vanessa, the couple separated. More recently, Charity pissed off her son Noah after ruining his chances of joining the army.

Noah and Charity dropped out (Credit: ITV)

As a result of last night (Thursday February 11), Charity was devastated that her family was all against her.

After having a few drinks with Al Chapman, she told him that her daughter Debbie had set it up so it looked like he had stolen money from the HOP business account to get revenge on her.

She soon invited Al to bed. However, he declined because he had recorded their conversation to prove to former boss Kim that he had not taken her money.

Charity told Al about Debbie’s revenge (Credit: ITV)

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Kim later confronted Debbie about the recording, and she was furious to learn that her mother had revealed her plan.

Charity leaving Emmerdale?

In today’s episode of ITV Soap (Friday February 12), Chas spoke to Marlon about buying Charity’s stake in Woolpack.

Chas told her second cousin that her money would give enough money to go where she wants.

Charity refused to sell her stake, but Chas gave her no choice and wanted her to move out of the pub. She then told Charity that she would be alone from now on.

Chas wants Marlon to buy Charity’s stake in Woolpack (Credit: ITV)

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Will Charity leave Emmerdale if she doesn’t know where to go and no one in her family wants to have anything to do with her?

Spoilers for next week’s episodes show that charity is still ostracized by the dingles.

But Diane agrees to let her stay and encourages her to make amends by signing her shares without a fuss in the pub.

Emmerdale airs an additional episode on ITV at 7pm on weekdays and an additional episode on Thursdays at 8pm.

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