Chase candidate Pepe trudged with hideous comments

Chase candidate Pepe caused a stir yesterday when viewers of the ITV quiz show thought she was “great”.

When the program started on Monday (January 11th), numerous viewers used social media to point out how attractive Pepe was.

Pepe stunned The Chase viewers with her beauty (Credit: ITV)

Who was the Chase candidate Pepe?

Pepe said she was a 23 year old learning support assistant from Hampshire.

Speaking of the program, she said to presenter Bradley Walsh, “I’m quite a quiz fan, my family is fed up with how much I ask them to question me.

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“I am an early school learning support assistant. I help in all areas of their learning, phonics, numbers, motor support, everything.

“I would like to stay for the first few years. I hope to be able to finish my apprenticeship next year so that I can actually be a teacher in the first few years. I love the little ones, they are so much fun. “

She also said she was a huge Harry Potter fan and was planning a trip to Orlando, Florida.

Brad asked what she would do with the money if she won, and Pepe said she recently bought a home with her partner so that any profits would be used to renovate their new home.

A number of The Chase viewers posted horrific comments about candidate Pepe on social media (Credit: ITV).

What did the audience of The Chase say?

Unfortunately, some trolls have posted hideous sexual comments about Pepe on social media.

And some viewers rushed to defend them, branding the statements as “awful” and “like something from the 1970s”.

Some people are still stuck in the 1970s. You are embarrassed.

One said, “What a great young person Pepe on #TheChase is, ambitious, caring, intelligent and hardworking … what a shame Twitter folks don’t want to focus on …”

Some The Chase viewers made other “terrible” remarks (Credit: ITV)

Another tweeted, “Some terrible comments here tonight. Comments on Pepe’s appearance. Some people were still stuck in the 1970s. You are embarrassed.

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A third said, “OK, but wtf, why is everyone under this hashtag so gross? Leave Pepe alone, she is not a sexual object #TheChase. “

How did Pepe fare on The Chase?

Pepe got £ 3,000 on her cash-builder round before facing pursuer Anne Hegerty.

She chose the lower offer, but unfortunately she was caught by the governess.

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