Chase star Paul Sinha applauded for capturing an “undeserved” candidate

Chase star Paul Sinha wowed viewers yesterday when he caught a candidate who he believed didn’t deserve to win the ITV quiz show.

During the afternoon episode on Wednesday (January 13), host Bradley Walsh welcomed attendees Aaron, Anne, Susan and Joe to the studio.

Four new contestants met Paul Sinha on The Chase (Credit: ITV)

What happened during Paul Sinha’s episode of The Chase?

It was controversial that the candidate Aaron got £ 5,000 in his Cashbuilder, but turned down this and the high offer of £ 25,000 and opted for the lower offer of £ 1,000 instead.

Still, Paul praised his quiz skills when he said, “I was impressed, you danced clearly better than Bradley.”

Paul caught three of the four in the head-to-head laps (Credit: ITV)

Since he was the first to face the pursuer, the team’s prize pot was empty.

He got through, but unfortunately, The Sinnerman managed to catch the other three members of the team, leaving Aaron alone in the final chase.

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In the end, Aaron scored an impressive 13 points to beat Paul and the pursuer caught him 30 seconds from the end.

Aaron made it to the final, scoring 13, but it wasn’t enough (Credit: ITV)

How did ITV viewers react?

On Twitter, some viewers indicated that they were glad Paul caught Aaron because they felt he didn’t deserve to win.

Some called his decision to accept the lower offer “cowardly” because he played first and the pot was still empty.

One said he “got what he deserved”.

Imagine choosing the lower offer when you are the first to play.

Another joke: “I wanted Aaron to be captured the same, if not more, than The Pembrokeshire Murderer.”

A third tweeted, “Aaron single-handedly ruined this show. Thank you #TheChase. ”

A fourth called his decision to accept the offer below a “cowardly” move.

“Imagine if you were the first player to choose the lower offer,” said a fifth viewer. “To hope someone else wins big. Didn’t deserve to win #TheChase. “

However, many others praised Aaron for doing so well on his own.

“[bleep] The haters Aaron smashed it, ”said one.

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“Well done #Aaron in #Thechase,” wrote another. “I really wish he had won. What a nice guy. “

Another said, “It’s good that Aaron played so well on his own. You go with your head held high. “

After the final round, Paul also praised the Chase candidate.

The Sinnerman said to him, “I thought you were really good in this last chase, I thought you played it really, really well. It’s a shame the questions just didn’t fall on the other three.

“It would have been a very close game because these questions were difficult.”

– The Chase airs on ITV at 5pm on weekdays

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