Chase star Paul Sinha bangs claiming he quit his role because of Parkinson’s

Chase star Paul Sinha has claimed that his Parkinson’s diagnosis forced him to retire from a new role.

Paul, 51, angrily slammed a report that he had retired from an upcoming pantomime due to physical discomfort.

It had been alleged that he said he was “forced” to give up pantomime because of his health.

During his interview on the My Seven Wonders podcast, he told Clive Anderson that “physical fitness” meant he could no longer participate in pantomimes.

Paul Sinha has fought back the claims (Image: ITV)

What did The Chase star Paul Sinha actually say?

He also said: “This is the York Opera House in York, where I spent the most fascinating month of my life in 2016 as Abanazar in the production of Aladdin at the York Opera House.

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“So it’s not a comedy or a fine art, it’s the experience of being the worst member of the cast.”

However, Paul hit the headline back and said the idea that he was “forced to quit” is just “nonsense”.

On his personal Twitter account, he said: “’Forced to quit.’ What a nonsense. I have decided not to consider pantomime due to possible limitations. Because, free will. “

Paul Sinha The Hunt
The Chase star says he quit because of other work commitments (Image credit: ITV)

He added, “Panto is great fun.

“It’s also physically challenging and takes up a lot of time in a month that we normally record.

“The whole tone of the headline implies sickness = absence from work as opposed to simply changing priorities.”

When was Paul Sinha diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease?

Paul announced that he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2019.

On his blog he stated: “Thursday evening, May 30th [2019], an experienced consulting neurologist calmly told me that I have Parkinson’s disease.

The Hunt for Paul Sinha Parkinson
Paul revealed his Parkinson’s diagnosis in 2019 (Credit:

“It was a devastating conclusion to a medical odyssey that began in September 2017.

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“With a suddenly onset, frozen right shoulder and an unexpected diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.

“A lifestyle change that allowed me to lose two stones and shoulder surgery this January.”

He continued, “Even so, my reaction was not a shock. I spent May this year in New Zealand while celebrating the comedy month of my life. And worrying about why a limp on the right side was getting worse now.

“Behind the facade of the happy late-night comedy festival stood a drunk man who was deeply afraid of facing the truth in Britain.”

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