Chase viewers, baffled as “all-time best candidate,” lose 10,000 pounds

Chase viewers were stunned last night after a candidate was sent off to pack – despite winning £ 10,000 in his cash builder round.

During the show on Tuesday (February 2nd), the candidate Marryk secured the impressive sum in his first round with host Bradley Walsh.

Unfortunately, he lost the chance to win it when he faced Chaser Anne Hegerty.

Chase viewers were stunned after Marryk won £ 10k (Credit: ITV)

What happened at The Chase?

Marryk shocked the crowd during his incredible Cash Builder round which got all ten questions correctly and won £ 10,000.

But his luck soon changed when, head-to-head, he didn’t give a single correct answer.

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He chose to play for £ 10,000 despite being offered a higher value of £ 50,000.

After Marryk was knocked out by The Governess, host Bradley declared, “I’ve never seen this before.”

ITV host Bradley Walsh shared his disbelief (Credit: ITV)

A disappointed Marryk replied: “Questions didn’t fall on me, they fell on me in the first round and not this one. These things happen. “

Meanwhile, Bradley repeated, “I’ve never seen this before.

Questions didn’t fall for me, they fell for me in the first round and not this one

“I’ve never seen a 10 go out without answering a question directly.”

Besides, Anne was just as stunned.

The contestant competed against Chaser Anne Hegerty (Credit: ITV)

Furthermore, the chaser said, “He was an amazingly strong player, he would have been a huge threat in the final chase.

“I did myself a great favor getting rid of him.”

What did the audience say?

It wasn’t long before ITV viewers shared their disbelief on Twitter.

One said, “There is no way Marryk got just £ 10,000 for the cash builder and got every question on the ladder wrong.”

A second wrote: “The gentleman who had just made £ 10,000 in his cash builder had an ‘incredible’ series of tough questions against the chaser. They wonder how and when the questions are asked. “

A third also tweeted: “The best player got £ 10,000 in the cash builder and will be eliminated. #Unfair #TheChase. ”

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A fourth added, “If you’ve ever asked if this is rigged watch the guy who has 10,000 in a cash builder tonight – shocking questions !!”

In addition, one-fifth said, “Fella, who was given a £ 10,000 cash builder at The Chase, was busy with more difficult questions at the table.”

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