Chef “hasn’t changed a bit” as he shares a delightful throwback

James Martin melted fans’ hearts when the TV chef shared an adorable throwback picture this morning (March 13th).

The popular star uploaded the black and white snapshot as he greeted his Instagram followers ahead of his ITV show.

It showed him as a boy looking slightly surprised and wearing a striped sweater.

James Martin’s fans believe he was always cute (Credit: YouTube)

Fans loved seeing the dashing chef as a toddler – some said he was always “cute”.

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“I haven’t changed a bit,” joked one admirer in the comment section of the post.

“Still cute as a button today, James,” agreed another fan.

Sweet then. Sweet now.

A third repeated: “Sweet. [You’ve] not changed, same expression. “

And a fourth person cheekily added: “Sweet then. Sweet now. “

The fans react to the style of the young James Martin

Others noted that James’ style was a real throwback to their own childhood. And it seems that James’ preppy clothes were a fashion hit at the time.

“I always love a photo with a 1970s turtleneck,” wrote one observer.

“I had this sweater too! Classy guys from the 70s, ”said another.

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Someone else laughed, “I think I had a sweater that was pretty similar to yours … must be a thing of age!”

Another person added, “I’m pretty sure I had this sweater.”

As a kid, did you wear the same sweater as James Martin? (Photo credit: ITV Hub)

Chef James Martin shares more personal pictures

It’s not the first time James has shared pictures from his past with his 600,000 social media fans.

Last summer he amazed followers with a series of pictures – and some even compared his youthful looks to Prince William’s!

One picture showed him enjoying a glass of soda as he celebrated his 21st birthday.

Other throwback images showed James wearing flared pants and enjoying ice cream as a toddler.

Chef James recently shared other pics from his youth (Image Credit: ITV Hub)

Previously, he gave his followers a glimpse into his family life when he let a relative do all the food preparation.

A picture from last September showed his mother cooking and tending to a number of pans.

James titled the picture: “She’s gonna kill me for it, but I fucking love that woman … mom who cooks me dinner.”

He later added after fans responded: “Ha ha, she now wants to know if she is trending. “

James Martin’s Saturday Morning will air on ITV Saturdays from 9.30am.


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