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With the increasing number of harmful infections, bacteria and viruses, there is an increased need for immunity. But what is immunity? It is our “fighting ability” against the hostile environment. To give every household this fighting ability, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor has partnered with Turmgel, the world’s first and only clinically tested product that has the ability to fight germs at their entry point, the mouth. Tower gel in the form of a lozenge is absorbed directly into the bloodstream and harnesses the power of the purest curcumin extract to give the human body the maximum goodness of turmeric. Turmgel is patented worldwide, is manufactured to the highest quality standards in an FDA-approved facility and is 100% natural and 100% sugar-free.

Turmeric is known to not dissolve in water or milk, and as a result, not all of the benefits of turmeric are absorbed by the body. Tower gel is designed to provide the best solution for insolubility. It ensures that the turmeric is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, so you can fight the daily infections optimally and have a 9.3 times higher absorption than turmeric capsules and other solutions available on the market. Daily consumption of these soft lozenges helps the family fight well against threats new and old, and maintains the family well-being through the heightened power of turmeric.

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“Every house has relied on me for many years when it comes to delicious recipes. Haldi was a part of many of them, as well as my personal routine for maintaining my health. But once I started getting tower gel and felt its effects on my wellbeing, there was no going back. Now I am sharing my recipe to fight well and that is Turmgel. ”- Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

Turmgel and head chef Sanjeev Kapoor have created delicious and exciting flavors such as mentholyptus, orange and + tulsi for family wellbeing to boost immunity, relieve coughs and colds, and maintain oral hygiene.

“Turmgel was developed to contribute to the ongoing fight against the increasing threats to our health. It combines the best of science with the best that nature has to offer. All of the benefits of turmeric are now provided in the form of a lozenge and that in a very tasty avatar too. Who else could we imagine, except chef Sanjeev Kapoor, who propagates the benefits of turmeric through his recipes! ”Jatin Thakkar, founder of Gelnova Laboratories, manufacturer of tower gel.

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